Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This man creates incredible art!!!

I had one of the most respected European sculptors as my instructor yesterday. He has traveled all over the world and carved and created art for a Queen. He is a most interesting and intriguing man.

As usual I arrive early. I help set up the room for the day. I like having my place by the window, the energy from nature makes my day nicer, if one does not get to class early- one is not assured a spot. I like knowing where I will be.

He and I are the only people in the class. I am amazed he remembered my name, Jp. I sometimes work on my art in another room where he teaches. He is always so kind and caring and FUNNY! You can’t help but grin when you think of him! He places his glasses upon his forehead in a peculiar way. I feel like I am being studied, he looks at my face and I can feel his laser eyes scanning my face. It is interesting to be looked at so intently. I am training my eyes to “see” like that. I do it now, I see the high cheek bones, the shape of the eye, the curve of the lips. It is a “knowing” that comes with creating art.

I ask him about stone carving. He tells me granite is carved with fire and a hammer. This excites me! Fire softens granite. WHO KNEW? Then the hammer is used to shape the art. Wow huh?

I am going to order his book, mainly coz he is my instructor. I look forward to carving in stone- creating incredible pieces of art.

I admit his attitude is serious. He chastised a late graduate student, reminding him that we set the standards for all the other students. His energy is forceful, working with stone and granite his whole life he has learned to become stronger with his craft. I respect his strength. It is palatable in the way he stands- his straight back. He works FAST.
As he critiqued our work, he walked around the room with a hammer. Some students work- he cut apart and readjusted. He would say: “Where is my hammer?” And we laughed, because we knew that person’s work was going to be fixed.

It was a glorious day. To learn with a GREAT ARTIST!

Wooohoooo!! Wow!! I am soo fortunate! I am so grateful for this experience!
Have a great day Sweet facebookians!! Soar!!! Unfurl those wings!!! Take off!!

Dance!! Shake those hips!!

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  1. It is wonderful to be around someone that is living their passion...hammer in hand, to knock things in to shape! I know you are doing this happy for you! :)