Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am participating in Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation. Day 7 is “I am free.” After the meditation we reflect in a journal, one question is: “What is your greatest fear?”

I want you to ask yourself that question. Let the truth rise to the surface. I imagine the fear will be connected with Love. Finding a perfect love, being loved enough or being hungry for a love and wanting it to be reciprocated.

A friend, Cynthia (waving) mentioned that I might want to love myself and get to a point where I am happy being alone.

Another friend, Star (waving) used the acronym : FLY. First Love Yourself! When you can do that- then you can truly love others.  Honestly, I am not at that point.  I spend most of my days at the college- so I do not have to come home to these four walls.

I think I run my sweet Beloved Anita ragged, as I am always  wanting someone to talk to- and I must ask her 10 times a day: “Are you avail?” I do not like that I am so needy.

Yesterday I posted nine things about myself, on my facebook page…and when I was through I really had a idea of whom I have become. We probably all have been hurt in a Love relationship.
 LIFE is one big practice-practice- practice…. We don't always get it right the first or second time...however, persistence is omnipotent! (grin) 

Don’t fear finding the perfect Love. You will. And you will learn from it- and you might realize it wasn’t so perfect after all. Keep loving, keep changing, keep shifting and trying! We get to do it all over tomorrow- Practice LOVING often!!

Practice, practice, and practice some more!!!

BE FREE! Soar in the greatness of your love!

I love you all!!! (grinning)

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