Saturday, November 23, 2013


Academy of the Arts University-Sculpture.
 San Francisco- Cannery
I practically live here! This is where I go to school! It is the classiest SCHOOL ever! The Academy of the Arts Sculpture department resides here! Sooo get a college loan-and join me here! (smiling) You will find me upon the second floor usually, the room has big glass windows so you can stand and watch us sculpt! It really is an incredible experience, to be in a room concentrating on art and out of your peripheral vision see a small crowd of people just as mesmerized with your art as you are! (smiling)

Last night I work on my anatomy sculpture for 5 hours. The professor, Debra had a spine of a chicken and a wish bone, which is the collar bone. I am falling in love with the magnificence of the body! I do love the collar bone area!! It is the perfect place to kiss. (grin)

The spine is an incredible work of art. If you are a yogi and can bend your self into a pretzel shape- then you understand how flexible the body is. The spaces between each spinal disc is very small behind the rib cage, while in the neck and stomach area- the spaces are much larger.

The chicken bone spine photo reveals how complicated the bone structure is. One bone forms a cup sort of shape in which the other bones rest upon. The spinal column is segments, like fish scales and align them selves perfectly. Woohoooo! I am so excited about the body and how it works and how it fits together like a perfect puzzle!!

I was sculpting with 3 other students one from Russia, Italy, and China. We were intent upon our task of learning the muscles and properly sculpting them. I turned to one student and said- “Just think, when you are 53 you will have been sculpting for 20 plus years- you will be great at this

I am making up for lost time. I put off chasing after my true love of fine art until I knew I was not living my BEST life!!!

Life is EXCITING now! Every single day I SOAR in my passion!! I want to skip and dance around and act like a silly billy!  Don’t wait! Be honest with yourself!
If you love to sing- join a choir!
If you love acting and want to learn your craft- join a theater group!

Don’t be a chicken (grin) and sit upon the side lines. Stand tall- be proud- elongate that spine and LIVE!!! Woohooo!!!

Art reflects life, life reflects art.

God knows I am a happy puppy! (I ain't no chicken!) Laughing!!!

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