Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Bitten by bright

There is no pain with this sort of bite. The kind of bruise that you see in the mirror and say: “Hmmmm- how did that happen?” It is so subtle and wonderfully magic that you are not even aware of how glorious it is  until it disappears.

The magnificent bite of life light!

There are certain lights that attach to you, they seep in without much noise, and then you notice your heart is a bit lighter brighter happier.

I have made friends on facebook that I haven’t met. One in New York writes his light and shares so openly. I love sitting beside his light, the fire of his heart radiating warmth. His hearth a comfy place to sit and stare into the flames of life.
Thank you Charlie, (waving) for your light!

It is a short sweet write this morning! I have ordered decal paper! So I will be making ornaments for Christmas- with the summer doodles. I am trying to get  doodle up on my web site- so you can order stationary for Christmas gifts. It will be a miracle if I can pull it off in the next few days.

How much would you spend on 10 notecards? I need a price- you think is fair.

Got much to do…Lots of art to be made!

Wooohoooo!!! Sit in the sun- and let me wrap my light arms around you- you can rest- lean back into me…we are all one Love!