Thursday, November 21, 2013


I believe the mind can heal the body. I believe if we focus on the body, embrace it, treat it with respect, nourish it properly and give the mind an idea of what we want for it, the body will comply.

I know, sounds kind of far fetched. Yes. I can see you saying:”Huh?” Give me a second and I will enlighten you.

After class I stayed at school to perfect my anatomy sculpture. Art reflects life- life reflects art. As I perfect my art work, I am perfecting myself. As I am shaping the muscle correctly I am thinking about the health of my muscle- the strength of it.

Erin (waving) and I were working on the spine last night.  As I stood straight I elongated my posture. As I sculpted each tiny disc I thought about them being filled with light, whole and complete. I gave attention to the body part I was turning into art. Where we focus our attention, or our energy we are able to improve.

I am smiling at your reaction.

When you meditate you can lower your blood pressure- Yes? So. Can it not also be true that you can heal yourself? When giving it daily positive attention?

Think about it. (grinning) Be filled with light today! All positive light! SHINE!

Oh- do me a favor- tell yourself you are going to live to be 100 years old! And you WILL! You will be healthy and have a strong back- because you are thinking about it now. You are letting your muscles and bones know you intend to be around for a wile. (smiling) Your body WILL comply!

I love you all!! Keep smiling! Sing- hum…oh I do love humming! (Waving at Anita!) Keep doing YOUR passion!!

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