Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eyes and ears

Yesterday in my Figure Sculpting class my woman REALLY started coming together (to-get-her)  I was “seeing” really –really- really seeing FOR THE FIRST TIME.
It occurred to me at that moment that the old spiritual folk song. Amazing Grace-really was about this moment- the moment when it is impecibly clear that my perception of what I am seeing I am totally understanding.

“I was once blind and now I see.”   It was an ah-ha moment!!

I WAS IN THE ZONE!!! And yes I will admit- I sculpted my figure- because I was sculpting me- with larger shoulders- wider shoulders. I taught swimming my whole life- I am a swimmer so I knew my art was more about me- when I asked Lawrence to help me trim her down- but in essence- that is what we do- when we create art- we create it in our image. 

A friend in class asked if I was going to blog about the ear. (grinning and waving) and YES- I am! (BTW- I am sooo thrilled you are reading this!! (Hugging you tight)

At the end of class we were shown how to sculpt the ear. How perfect to tie it all together, an old spiritual song I had sung as a child was being played in my heart. What a great moment to tie in art to life.

Art reflects life- life reflects art!! (Smiling sigh) It just doesn’t get any better than this!! Life is astounding!!! I am inspired everyday by what I do!!

Sing a song today!
Here the link to the lyrics of Amazing Grace:

Wooohoooo!!!! WE are sooooo soaring!!! Love and light to you all!!!

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