Sunday, November 24, 2013

Art Monk

Your art monk-Photo taken by my
Beloved Anita.
Musings of an Art Monk

Picture if you will a monk, on the outside - She portrays the quiet serene peaceful priest. Reverently quietly seeking peace. Disciplined she practices her craft, over  and over again she repeats the same chants of love.

Open the robe and you find a tie-dyed hippie loving wild child seeking the truth of art being born. (grinning)

This Monk is in love with discovering art. I have been working with my true love- Clay. Okay, I agree it might be a little strange to claim clay as a love, however, she requires much attention!

I am discovering her body type, a clay that can withstand the firing of the kiln with more particles of groug…then there is a clay body that is more porcelain and smooth. She is plastic silky feeling. Each clay is distinctive and different. I learn with practice how to shape the form. I practice my craft- learning to perfect the form. As I practice my art every day- I am learning discipline!

 Back full circle we have come, the monk has on a dye tied robe with paint splattered all over it. (grinning) I am at peace with this sacred reverent journey. I am in love with my life. This time is only for art being born. God knows, it is a glorious time to Soar!

You walk into the room
Grinning from ear to ear
Your robe is splattered with paint
You have become one with the splashes

Each color represents

The purple reverent Love
The blue ocean Love
The green heart Love
The red fire Love
The orange passion Love
The yellow sun soothing Love

The colors overlap
And move
The robe a canvas
For a video of Love

I am captivated
By your magical robe

Seeing myself
Emotions of Love

Knowing Love

You reach out to touch her robe
To touch yourself
Wide eyed in love
With Love


Wrapped in the fabric of Love


  1. Wonderful blog...and very cute picture J! :)

  2. Nice. Not strange to love working with clay. I could never hand sculpt, but I loved throwing (on the wheel) and was good at it. Have fun and keep doing what you love.