Sunday, November 17, 2013


Yesterday I immersed myself into the clay. I hung out with Rory, Colette and Spencer- like kids in a sand box- playing and having fun with clay all day. At the end of the day I was thrilled because I learned ALL about becoming stronger.

I had started 2 experimental pieces and had set them aside until I knew what to make with them. One became a swan- the other a vessel upon which glass will melt.

After creating the wing for the art I started thinking about creating a wing that glass could be slumped into.

A sculpture tutor came in and he asked me if I had ever used nylon fiber in my clay. He found the bag of material and kneaded the fiber into the clay and viola! STRONG thin clay!

I was astounded! I could get the clay really thin and it would still have strength. This was the next floor up for me. I could finally make fish- and not worry about the tails breaking off.  I worked the clay like a crazy woman! Wooohoooo!!!

I am excited to see how the art held up! I made a crazy abstract flower and  created curved wings and small delicate fish!!!  And after 12 hours working I walked home strong! My back IS becoming stronger! (Art reflects life- life reflects art.) Grinning!

What an amazing life! Thank you Bob- for the tips on making a stronger clay body!! (smiling) We both are becoming stronger!!!

I love you all!

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