Monday, November 11, 2013

Building bridges

There are graphic designers and there are fine artist that sculpt. Normally they live in different worlds far apart  worlds from one another. They both use their hands and imagination however one uses the computer while the other clay, glass and metal.

Times, "they are a changing" (Melanie used to say that-Waving) and the bridge has to be built to join those two separate worlds.

I love the idea of building that bridge! My daughter stands beside me measuring and cutting imaginary wood now, helping us build a bridge. She does animation and illustration. She is falling in love with the fluidity of her animations morphing and changing and transforming into different scenes and shapes.

I love the idea of making web pages and editing videos for other fine artist. Helping them showcase their work. I am building my own web page and learning to edit video so I can film my work in the round and show all sides in one small video.

Soon I will have something to who you. Now I only have 2 very different images. One shows my design ability- a printed postcard sort of image with paintings upon it. The other my experiment with glass.

You know, I think I will try and create a bridge of glass….Ooooo NOW you are talking. See what happened? While using a computer to tell you about my future work ideas, using words and letters the image of a glass bridge creeps into my head. Art was BORN!!!

You got to love how art reflects life and life reflects art!!!! Wooohooo!! Time to create –create- create!

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  1. A glass bridge....I know you can do it J! Love your art... :)