Thursday, May 31, 2018

Line 6 Savor the sound.

Margaret Parsons Artist Statement Deconstructed.
Created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco

Lines are enveloping. Like sound.

As I glance at the words I see my daughter smiling and standing in the waves, of sound and ocean. Her lines connect me to the sound waves of God.

These words are flying off my fingertips as I try and convey the way her light wraps around me, much like diving into the green endless sea of seeing into infinity.

Her art, her laughter, her love for love is everything. The tears are running down my face in gratitude, they want to transform me into the ocean of light and love of my daughter.

The love of sound and singing is where we are born. When we sing we are crying in tune. When we are babies we have no conception of crying in a way that is organized and enveloping.

This makes no sense. It is okay as everything flows and streams and moves in its waves of endlessness.

There is no marking of time, beside the can of coffee needing to be replenished. The days run into years and we see our mother’s in the bathroom mirror.

My mother sang her songs of her spirit. When she sang and when she swam she was in her element, she was enveloped in her self. Letting the spirit move her beyond the mundane into her realm of magnificence.

My daughter’s lines, her artist statement connects and wraps around me in the woven light of love. I am savoring the deconstruction of her sentences, her words, her self…

I wonder if she sees me in herself. Dang it, those eyes, they keep leaking.

Tears prepare for sacred transformation. Time to step up my life a bit. Maybe I will go stand upon the sand and let the water tickle my toes, and I will sing for her, for my mom and for my sisters and their daughters too.

Sing. Savor the lines.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Line 5 out of 31

Line 5 Margaret Parson's Artist Statement
Created by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018

Creating art because it moves me.

My daughter’s artist statement is a marvelous mission. She has always had the ability to spin magical spells with her words.

I am reading each sentence and composing a piece of art for myself. The thing about art, is each one of us perceives and interprets what we see based upon previous cognitive development.

That is why art is so incredible.

Margaret and I had lots of hours in the car, listening to music, hand dancing and screaming with Sheryl Crow’s song “Ordinary Morning!”

THEN, this morning- I watched seven little one minute video’s about Japan. It was magical. There was one day video that he discussed the “Suicide Forest”. The person walks into the forest with a string, to help them retrace their steps, in case they decide NOT to kill themselves.

THAT string also becomes a string that can be traced to recover bodies.  Another line that will affect my next composition!

LINES...A very important string that connects heaven and earth.(sighing) 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Between 3 and 5

Original one-of-a-kind art, by
Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018

Line 4

Lines describe becoming.

This art project is deconstructing my daughter’s artist statement. Taking each sentence and building upon the previous art to create another composition.

Line 4. The number between 3 and 5. Three and five are numbers dear to my heart. Three is the Trinity, which defines a huge part of me. It is also my Beloved’s number. Five is my number, I was the fifth child in the line up. 

I am creating art on the fly. With no preconceived ideas about what the next composition will be. Well, that is not entirely true. I do start out thinking of a design. 

Originally I was going to take a ribbon and twirl it into a shape that resembled sun glasses. Then as soon as I looked at Margaret’s typed artist statement, the “I” letters popped up…saying…look!!

So then the “Lines Describe Becoming” become about I.

Deep stuff huh? (laughing) That is why I like discovering art while playing. 

It takes on its whole other self…

Thank you Margaret - for allowing me to deconstruct your artist statement. It is a glorious process of self discovery!


Descendent of mermaids

Original art by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018
Composed with Margaret Parsons in mind. Line 3

Remember the wonder woman commercial from the 90’s, Lynda Carter, coming up from underneath the water? She lifts her face gracefully up from the pool and rises from the water.
It is a slow motion sort of capture. The water is shiny sparkling and dripping magically off her face.

That sort of feeling. That slow motion magical moment happened with my mother and daughter. 

I am certain now that I am descended from the clan of mermaids. As a child, my mother took us swimming. I would watch her like a hawk, the memory of her gliding gracefully through the water has always been in my heart. A soulful memory that reminds me of who I come from. Even as an older woman, when my parents built a pool, she would rise up from underneath the water and have that slow motion “being birthed” look upon her face. She was in her element, she was fluid and whole, or holy.

The grin was immediate, the water had a soothing transformative ability. It truly washed away the stress and static from my mother’s life.

My daughter and I were at the beach a few weeks back and the same magical feeling of “being birthed” happened with Margaret. We were playing like children, we acted like ballerinas and twirled and spun around when the waves lifted us. We frolicked like children do. We let the water transform us.

There were many slow motion moments, when Margaret would rise up from underneath the water. Her hair slicked back all shiny and sparkling. Her smile radiate and pure. We were both children in the ocean. We were in the arms of mother ocean. Jumping and silly in her lolling waves. We were buoyant upon her as we floated and held hands. We were one with our mermaid mothers of years ago.

Connect to your children in the salty waves this summer. Find some magical time to float and play. Make memories that your daughter will always carry in her heart. I am forever changed by that day.

I will leave you with the 3rd line of Margaret’s artist statement: “They direct attention, they chart a path, record a path of time, of before and afters”.

Todays art was created with the watery waves and sparkling transformation moments in mind.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Holy ground...or holy water.

Original fish art by Judith Parsons Art
San Francisco 2018

Everything has energy. I remember hearing on NPR this theory, that every single thing on earth has energy. It was nice to know I wasn’t mental. It confirmed my crazy idea that a chair could have energy. However, I would like to take this idea one step further. Perhaps that chair is imbued with extra special energy based on its use.

For example, a chair that is someones reading chair, that they sat in every single day. That they dreamed in, that they read out-loud in, would absorb their presence by osmosis. Then consider the chair as it was used in a sacred ritual. Praying in that chair, receiving and giving healing in that chair. One could imagine the chair absorbing more energy as it is a different sacred energy.

Now, lets consider our food. Blessing one’s food. Certainly plants have energy. We know that by their amazing ability to grow and photosynthesis. And we all know how healthy broccoli is! So let us stop and consider putting your intention of energy toward healing prayer into the food. 

Something as simple as. “Thank you for the food we are about to receive, may it nourish our bodies.”

The prayer can continue- you can add whatever extra healing you would like. Personally, if I am with someone, I like to hold hands. There is a lovely connect when we hold hands. For me, I instantly breathe in a huge breath and allow the energy to flow throughout my body.

Today I played with the fish image in Illustrator then taking it into photoshop to rotate it around. I love how the tail creates a wavy circle. We are all whole or holy. I love that Deepak Chopra said: “When we create we are on holy ground.”

This flowing fish is all of us, overlapping in our multiple criss-cross colors. We are all connected in this lovely inter-net that has ensnared us in love and light. Have a blessed day beautiful friends! 

Create. Use your super-power of energy wisely. I can feel you all the way over here!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Heaven Upon Earth

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2018 San Francisco

My daughter and I were sitting on the beach, watching the waves crash in. It was magnificent the way the white tops of the waves seemed to devour and eat the green water in front of it. It was mesmerizing.

Margaret asked me to take a photo of her hands. I did. Then I asked her to do the same for me. I couldn’t tell until I pulled up the photograph on my laptop that we had captured the surfer dude in the middle of my hands. (He is covered up by the geometric design.) 

I took the hand photo and created a stair stepping image. I merged the four photos. Then rotated it perfectly to create a pentagon shape. I was reading about joy and these words calm me: 

“There is no way to push the river…Be mindful that patience is essential for the recognition of your own process which, in its season, leads to the harvest of the self.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Aunt Peggy

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2018 San Francisco


This blog is written with Aunt Peggy in mind.

One of my most cherished memories is Aunt Peggy kneeling down beside my chair, she was at eye level and she said: “You have the most beautiful green eyes. They are cat eyes.”
Our family was having dinner at her place and I must have been a 5 or 6. It was a memory that stayed with me, when all those other memories faded.
I was smitten. I was forever in love with my Aunt Peggy.

She was the family member that pulled all the other family members together for Thanksgiving. Every year she would have her traditional fabulous pull-out-all-the-stops dinner. She would use her plate warmer, set the table with sterling silver, china and crystal goblets. She was a true southerner and that she believed in setting an incredible table with cloth napkins and napkin rings.

I am smiling from ear-to-ear as I write this. What an incredible force of a woman! She would run out to greet us as we pulled up for visits. She placed her hands upon my shoulders and smiled a smile that melted my soul. I was home when I was with her.

When hurricane Katrina destroyed our home, she opened her home to us. We were nomads and were moving from family member to family member trying to not over stay our welcome. For many months we stayed at her place. Our beagle and children were welcomed with open arms. Never, once did she complain, she made us feel loved and supported. Thinking back upon that time, it really was an amazing time she gave us. I wonder what my children remember about that time. I will have to get back to you on that.

When I was a young girl, our family would stay at her beach house. She was generous enough to allow our family 2 weeks every year at her Alligator Point place. Those summers I got to see my grandma in her one piece swimming suit go swimming. I remember my father swimming horizontal along the shore and I marveled at his arms smoothly reaching upward and forward as he swam the crawl stroke. We used a net my father had woven, and caught fish! Her generosity was amazing and to this day I am forever changed by it.

I have got to get packing. I am sighing at the whole packing luggage ordeal. Ugh. It only makes it more real. I will miss her hands upon my shoulders, I will miss her shining sparkling grin as she pulls me into her arms for a glorious welcome home hug. Aunt Peggy, God knows you are in a better place, with a body that no longer pains you. But hells bells, YOU will be missed.

Guys, take it from me— love upon your wee family members. Look them in the eye and give them the love that changes them. 

(The fish art was especially created because of flowing spirit. She flowed and healed me when I was with her. She was to me very much like water, uplifting and buoyant. Her surface sparkling light! I will see you on the other side Aunt Peggy!)

That is all.

Snake-food of God

Original art created by Judith Parsons.

Art created by the ArtPriestess.
 Dreams so real they shock you awake.

A baby hippo crying out upon a rocky island. Climbing toward it to assist. Momma hippo charging and about to eat me. Scampering like spiderman up the rock face to safety. 

People so real in my dream, that I felt I had visited them, touched them, shared meals with them. Caressed them, cared deeply for them. In one night the dream lasted many years. The intimacy in the shared moments when eyes met and smiled.

What ever star alignment happened, there was a wealth of images and stories from the magical muse. She, the woman who told me about this saying, “Everything is happening perfectly.” was in my dream with her husband. They were creating art beside me, we were working on a community art project based upon the Book of Kells. The ocean breeze combined with the sunny feeling made the moment slow motion, his laughter contagious and his wife response even more so.

They played off of one another so well. Their energy glorious fabulous to share. Maybe dreams do come true. Thank you muse for letting them visit my other world. Perhaps this awakened world is the illusion —perhaps the sleeping dream like world is the REAL place, where magic happens.

About the snake on the ladder art. DNA is life- the ladder.
The snake is the food of the eagle. The eagle is the SUN (God).