Thursday, May 31, 2018

Line 6 Savor the sound.

Margaret Parsons Artist Statement Deconstructed.
Created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco

Lines are enveloping. Like sound.

As I glance at the words I see my daughter smiling and standing in the waves, of sound and ocean. Her lines connect me to the sound waves of God.

These words are flying off my fingertips as I try and convey the way her light wraps around me, much like diving into the green endless sea of seeing into infinity.

Her art, her laughter, her love for love is everything. The tears are running down my face in gratitude, they want to transform me into the ocean of light and love of my daughter.

The love of sound and singing is where we are born. When we sing we are crying in tune. When we are babies we have no conception of crying in a way that is organized and enveloping.

This makes no sense. It is okay as everything flows and streams and moves in its waves of endlessness.

There is no marking of time, beside the can of coffee needing to be replenished. The days run into years and we see our mother’s in the bathroom mirror.

My mother sang her songs of her spirit. When she sang and when she swam she was in her element, she was enveloped in her self. Letting the spirit move her beyond the mundane into her realm of magnificence.

My daughter’s lines, her artist statement connects and wraps around me in the woven light of love. I am savoring the deconstruction of her sentences, her words, her self…

I wonder if she sees me in herself. Dang it, those eyes, they keep leaking.

Tears prepare for sacred transformation. Time to step up my life a bit. Maybe I will go stand upon the sand and let the water tickle my toes, and I will sing for her, for my mom and for my sisters and their daughters too.

Sing. Savor the lines.

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