Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Holy ground...or holy water.

Original fish art by Judith Parsons Art
San Francisco 2018

Everything has energy. I remember hearing on NPR this theory, that every single thing on earth has energy. It was nice to know I wasn’t mental. It confirmed my crazy idea that a chair could have energy. However, I would like to take this idea one step further. Perhaps that chair is imbued with extra special energy based on its use.

For example, a chair that is someones reading chair, that they sat in every single day. That they dreamed in, that they read out-loud in, would absorb their presence by osmosis. Then consider the chair as it was used in a sacred ritual. Praying in that chair, receiving and giving healing in that chair. One could imagine the chair absorbing more energy as it is a different sacred energy.

Now, lets consider our food. Blessing one’s food. Certainly plants have energy. We know that by their amazing ability to grow and photosynthesis. And we all know how healthy broccoli is! So let us stop and consider putting your intention of energy toward healing prayer into the food. 

Something as simple as. “Thank you for the food we are about to receive, may it nourish our bodies.”

The prayer can continue- you can add whatever extra healing you would like. Personally, if I am with someone, I like to hold hands. There is a lovely connect when we hold hands. For me, I instantly breathe in a huge breath and allow the energy to flow throughout my body.

Today I played with the fish image in Illustrator then taking it into photoshop to rotate it around. I love how the tail creates a wavy circle. We are all whole or holy. I love that Deepak Chopra said: “When we create we are on holy ground.”

This flowing fish is all of us, overlapping in our multiple criss-cross colors. We are all connected in this lovely inter-net that has ensnared us in love and light. Have a blessed day beautiful friends! 

Create. Use your super-power of energy wisely. I can feel you all the way over here!

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