Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Line 5 out of 31

Line 5 Margaret Parson's Artist Statement
Created by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018

Creating art because it moves me.

My daughter’s artist statement is a marvelous mission. She has always had the ability to spin magical spells with her words.

I am reading each sentence and composing a piece of art for myself. The thing about art, is each one of us perceives and interprets what we see based upon previous cognitive development.

That is why art is so incredible.

Margaret and I had lots of hours in the car, listening to music, hand dancing and screaming with Sheryl Crow’s song “Ordinary Morning!”

THEN, this morning- I watched seven little one minute video’s about Japan. It was magical. There was one day video that he discussed the “Suicide Forest”. The person walks into the forest with a string, to help them retrace their steps, in case they decide NOT to kill themselves.

THAT string also becomes a string that can be traced to recover bodies.  Another line that will affect my next composition!

LINES...A very important string that connects heaven and earth.(sighing) 

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