Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spinning Wheels Got to go round....

Art created by Judith Parsons (Jp Parsons) 2015
One of a kind artist.

I got nothing...

Just art spinning around...colors...like oil running into the rain puddles and dichroic rainbows swirling.

Just color.

Playing in photoshop.

Energy swirling.

Getting ready to move.

Relax into the swirl and flow.

Have a blessed day.

This is art number 168...

the art just keeps flowing...going..

Have a blessed day.

Monday, August 10, 2015

gravity soaring

Gravity pulls at us.
E v e r y day

The shadow is always there.
There is no separating the darkness

Like the yolk and the egg white
It is the ultimate partnership

She lit the fire for me
Her hearth she shared
The crackling flame danced

It knew the ultimate dance 
With darkness

Watching the flame
Mesmerized by it
Seduced by its dance
Gravity didn’t exist anymore

The flame shared the suns brilliance
Made from the same science
It burned away the heaviness of life

Easily the wings unfurled

I knew I was home

Gravity doesn’t exist anymore.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Energy Love and light

Original one-of-a-kind art created by
Judith Parsons Art 2015
Energy swirls and spins about, waiting for us to tap into it.

You have seen the dust devils or small swirling pockets of air...the leaves churned around in circles.

I stop and watch.

I give the energy its moment, it wants to show off and dance for me. I appreciate the dance the wind does for me.

Aware of air.

Knowing the moment of wind, as it ebbs and flows. Gathering the energy now, harvesting the energy...
the way
I do.

(sighing smiling)
Learning from all the love that flows through me, the love that is supportive, the love that is not as supportive as I wish it to be. It is true, what comes around...goes around.

I totally understand the whole--love with all of your being. If we love all, then it reflects back upon the water and wind that circulates around the globe...the light and love reflect wonderfully off the water. The diamonds sparkling and shimmering for us to enjoy.

Harvest the energy, relax back into it--and s-l-o-w the spinning...Let the energy seep warmly into your soul, let your muscles relax, let your shoulders drop...and rest back upon the warmth.

Love and light.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Are you my mother?

Graphic created by Judtih Parsons Art 2015
The image of the mother bird with her wing covering and cradling the baby bird has always been a comfort to me. 

I took the image from google images —the image is from the book: “Are you my mother?
I took the image and rotated it around. Playing with the nest…creating a little personal sacred geometry.

The vesica piscis is the shape created when two circles overlap in the middle. That organic leaf shape is also the eye shape, and some even say it is the female shape of the womb.

For me it is the shape that represents love and is a symbol for the mother.
Which ties in with "Are you my mother?"

A summary of the story:

The mother bird is sitting upon her egg and realizes the egg will soon hatch. So she goes in search to find food for her baby bird. 
While the momma bird was away from the nest. The baby bird hatched. He decided he would go find his mother. So he flew from the nest. He falls down upon the ground.

He couldn’t fly, but he could walk. So he started out to find his mom. I love how determined this little feathered fellow is!

He found a  kitten, hen, dog, and cow and asked them if they were his mother. They were not. He kept going --My motto is "Persistence is omnipotent." He certainly was born persistent.

Did he have a mother? He began to wonder.

He saw an old car? Could that be his mother? No. Then he saw a boat. He called to the boat, the boat did not stop. This is where my heart begins to ache.
He looked up. He saw a big plane. He thought that plane HAD to be his mother. He called out, the plane did not stop. 
Now my heart really is crying out for the wee bird.

Then he saw a big crane. He was so desperate for it to be his mom, he ran right up to it, jumped upon the bucket and asked…”Are you my mother?”  The crane just made a big snort.

Then the baby bird lifts his head and cries out: " I WANT MY MOTHER!"
At that point tears are streaming down my eyes, because I too want my mother. I am sure my children looked at me in bewilderment. Wondering, what it the world.

The crane lifted the baby bird and put it back into its nest.

Then the mother bird returned and asked: “Do you know who I am?”

And the baby bird said,” You are not a kitten, a hen, a dog, a cow, an old car, a boat, a plane or a snort. 
You are my mother.”

It  is in the CALLING out…and no response. That pains me. We all have had an experience when we have called to someone and they haven't responded. It hurts. It is a horrible feeling. I hope you find someone that responds when you call out. We are all learning love.

If your mom is alive, reach out, tell her you love her. 

just because