Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Sacred Line

The line, the marvelous pin tool. With Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop the pin tool is magic. That line is waiting to come to life. The line that connects or the line that separates. It can be a line of so many things. It can weave around and bind pieces together, it can become magic in the hands of an artist.

Creating magic is the artist’s occupation. We all know it when see it, we can’t stop looking at it. Whether it is a video, an animation, a painting, or a sculpture. We stand mesmerized by the beauty.

Perhaps the beauty is in the perfection of the line. Or maybe it is in the intricacy of the art, or the multi-faceted  puzzle pieces that are all pulled to-get-her. 

This graphic was created with some eyebrow lines and the edge of a nose. Yep. 3 separate shapes, that were rotated and over lapped. The simplest line can become and grow into an elaborate stunning piece. 

That was step one. Then I took it and warped it. Because we all know that life is about thinking something is perfect and then kicking you down a notch. Well, because -the universe wants us to keep learning. Step two, the leaf shape.

Step three is taking that shape and rotating and spinning it around yet again. We are all the whirling dervish, we are all the sacred spinning symbols of light swirling into perfection.

Today, the line becomes perfection.
Poetry in honor…

the line
the space between
the good and the bad

that space that lays between
can be 
as small as a knife cutting the paper
can be
as wide as the fingertips reaching for the side of the pool
can be
as long as it takes the sun to rise

that between
place of deciding to float
holding still
not moving a single muscle

that measurement of standing upon the line
knowing what is good
then glancing over at what you know you need not do
slow motion moment that last forever
the in-between decision gap
is a thread that weaves us
ALL to-get-her

Art and Poetry by Judith Parsons (2016) Do not use with out permission.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Miracle Muse

Original one of a kind illustrations by Judith Parsons.
(San Francisco 2016)
The illustration started out as a simple abstract face, it has a lightning bolt beard and a head full of stairs and swirls. The head was churning with a thousand ideas, with every idea another one jumped on board. It became a three-ring circus of ideas.

She was like that. Spewing and spurting a millions ideas all over the place. The muse of my mind was like riding a horse bare back through the surf. The foam and spray was every where, my eyes stung from all the crazy splashing and my bum was bouncing all over the places I was trying to hang on for Dear life.

This is what LIFE is like when I DON”T drink. My mind is making up for lost time. When I play in Adobe illustrator and photoshop one thing becomes many many things. I shake my head at my own crazy designs. I keep clicking along, the steps and perspective of the diagonal skip along beside me, running and playing. Creating art is an isolated affair. Art asks much of the creator, whispering at all times: "See the way the light reflects off of that. " Or "The negative space creates a whole other sculpture." Or "Wow, her eyes are so green today." A million thoughts zoom through our heads, and most of the time, you will never ever know all the things your crazy Love is thinking.

Love the artist with all her crazy patient with the artist when he/she awakens and pulls the sketch pad out to just "jot down a dream." The layers of art and layers of reality are fast these days, new computer technology ask the artist to be many people. It can make us, the artist just a wee bit crazy!

Then I think of Allison and all of her crazy sculptures and I nod -- Yep, we are ALL crazy loons. For sure…for sure. Then Richard with that HUGE head sculpture. I think of Jihoon and his amazing pixel and wooden sculptures and how much time those took to build and sigh. Yep, another loon. And Nic, and his metal pillows. Need I say more?
For sure…Loons are pretty amazing!

Hug an artist today!! Thank them for their lightning bold energy of ART!!

Expect miracles!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let the spirit move you.

Original one of a kind art. By Judith Parsons 2016
Finding the energy level that is optimum. Sliding into that river of flowing and staying within the flow.

Finding people who are okay with your levels, your flows, your non-flowing times. Finding people who accept we are all at very different levels of flowing, shining and glowing. It is all okay, the different rivers of flowing.

I will continue flowing at my rate, you will flow at your rate. Every now and again the full moon will help our rivers flood, we will merge for brief periods of time. The river seeking out the roots, the river wanting to change the paths from mud to rippled sand.

It is what it is. The young river smashing into the banks cutting away and forging a new path, the older river content with the meandering tried and true path. Only changing when the rains from heaven increase her mass.

Let the Spirit flow like the river. May you be young and wild at times and may you also be the meandering river in your passion. May you be wise enough to understand that I can not be your river, nor you mine. We just flow.

The ripples, the sparkles, the twirling whirling leaves upon our surfaces adore that spirit. I have no desire to change you anymore, I know…You let the spirit move you. 

That is enough to know.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A love that is too small.

Original art created especially for this blog. Bu Judith Parsons 2016.
I stumbled across this line, it was a root sticking up, my toe stubbed it and I caught myself. 

I didn’t fall flat on my face, almost did. But the root words caught my eye. The words snagged me enough to make me turn and take notice.

These words are dangerously powerful words. 

They can be used for evil and well as for good. One must be strong in their grounded love to sustain these words. 

For 3 days, the words sat upon my surface. 

They floated for a while, like cotton fiber paper resting easily upon me. I discussed the words with another, I knew she was putting tremendous energy and time into a love that was going no where. She was propping up a love, wanting the love to reciprocate, wanting the love to flow. It didn’t, the love was stagnating, the love was becoming algae.

I looked at my own love. I looked at myself with as wide open eyes as I could manage. And the words were flowing down the river of life. They would always be there to remind me to reciprocate and have empathy and gentleness toward the friends and loves in my life.

I created this art just for this blog. The swirling,whirling, spinning paper pieces of those words have a soft bubble feeling as they slide over me under the water of love. Thank you for reminding me to let the walls of my box down, to let the galaxy of love in. We are all connected in love and light.

It is a decision to remain : A love that is too small.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Black Hole Love

Original one-of-a-kind illustration by Judith Parsons 2016

I am taking words for a facebook page:
They are not my words.
However; they are relevant. As I am talking about the ultimate void--the black hole and her words.."match". We are all more connected than we know.
Thank you Vilma, for the post.

She represents the deepest void of creation.
Your Soul has a sacred contract with Kali. You elected to work with Her, and to allow Her to re-attune your energy to the darkest, holiest, most arcane nature of the feminine spirit.
This applies whether you are a man or a woman in this lifetime.
The predominant divine force working around you, and your life, now is Kali.
Her work will always take precedence, because she is the One who can strip away, cut away, break down illusions of the ego and purify fear in the most direct manner.
She is the One.
She is intense, relentless, sometimes intimidatingly mystical. She represents the Aching Void. The Wide-Open Soul. The Limitless, Unending Source of Creative Essence.
She has no interest whatsoever in your ego's protestations. She does not care what your ego wants your life to look like. She has no time for what you think you need to cling onto in order to be safe.
She is attuned in the most cosmically vast, universally-wise and far-reaching depths of higher consciousness to What You Actually Need.
You have no idea what you really need, She says.
You have no idea how magnificent and powerful you are.
You have no idea what your Soul came here to achieve and unfold from you.
You have no earthly idea how majestic, how breathtaking, how rousingly mesmerising the Divine Fire is that flickers now inside you.
And no idea whatsoever the sheer magnitude of what you can create.
So, Her job is to break down your walls. Destroy every shred of your defence to Sacred Truth. Work on you night, after night, after night until you scream for relief, for comfort, for just a day of 'time off' or for hiding.
She is a relentless taskmaster. She carries the deepest medicine, and the most swift divine cutting-tools for releasing your from all that currently binds you to your fear of growth.
She is presently cutting away everything that no longer serves your purpose. If it is meant to reappear, it will - in a different form, or healed, or evolved…or perhaps simply humbled and open.
She works incredibly deeply upon your energy field.
Now, feel that this Truth is seeping into your bones. Now, do not waste any more mental or emotional energy trying to resist what is happening in your life.
You are in a grand cosmic flow of change. You are being raised up to the highest heights of existence. Your entire vibration is steadily alchemising, melting, transforming, bubbling, moving, radically altering.
Magic is happening. Dark, deep magic.
Kali Magic.
There is no option to get off this divine train-ride. You agreed to play out your Sacred Role many, many eons ago. It was written in your blood, etched on Holy Tablets, engraved upon your Heart.
Kali is, right now, your primary guide and teacher. Let her purify, let her destroy, let her rid you of all superfluous energies and thoughts. Let her take away what hinders the eruption of your powers.
Surrender to Her.
Stop the fight. Stop the need to know how it all fits together. Dive into the Unknown, the Great Void. Inside the Void, lies the Sacred Keys to your Existence, and all the jewels you have ever been searching for.
This process is happening now. As Kali releases your old energy, and purifies you in order to embody your true Light, you can have any number of symptoms. Your physical body may scream as it releases old fear and resistance. Your thoughts may whirl like crazy. Your ego will do anything it can to hold onto dominance.
Your life may look as if it is falling apart. It is not.
You are preparing for monumental, phoenix-like rebirth.
To take your place among the game-changers of our planet. To stand once again on the altar of the Divine Mother, and await your instructions.
You elected for this to happen, right now. In this exact time-frame. You can do whatever is required of you now - in fact, you were born to do this. You were born to rise up to this.
Excellent advice from Sophie Bashford. I am not sure if she wrote the words...or if the words are attached to cards. I do not claim them as my own.
They seem to relate my thoughts on the black hole of Love.

Let us all re-birth.
With Love.

Friday, January 15, 2016

middle of ramblings

Original art by Judith Parsons 2016

In the early morning hours I can think in the quiet…My friends on the east coast are awakening. Some of them post their morning “hellos” on Facebook. 

I am creating art in photoshop for a blog, I am rambling to no one, and yet to those that “know”.

I have art designs that must be sketched out, if I do not they are like a cat climbing up the back of a lovely upholstered chair. Their claws shredding the fabric of my mind. So I spend many hours drawing, planning trying how to make something large and transportable. Yet, light weight and durable.

I create art that usually has many pieces. I realize that now. I can not get away from it. I shake my head at my own discovery of my artist self. Do you see yourself? Do you step way far away from yourself and look back at you creating something?

Do you see yourself hunched over the key board typing away? Are you sitting straight? Or are you slumped? How do you see yourself? 

Is this normal? Ha?! Me caring about normal? Thats funny. There is nothing “normal” about me. And I am good with that. In fact, I like that I do not fit in any preformed - prefabricated slot. 

The rain, it is coming down in sheets. As I lay here cuddled snuzzled in my sheets. My nest is so comfy. I am beginning to enjoy my time here, alone. I can see how people become hermits. Though - just as soon as I wrote that line, the art said:”Nope, your art needs you.”


Time to put the kettle on, I will do it quietly as not to awaken the neighbors. Have a great day Sweet Sunshines! Look at yourself, from a distance…an smile at how beautiful you are. We are doing it, thought-by-thought, dream by dream…Making life a glorious tapestry of Love.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Golden thread

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2016

An enchanted girl
Flew her kite
Only during the winter

She was a wise innocent beauty
Holding the string spun of gold
She would pull the kite in
When the color of the evening sky 
matched the thread

She said it was then 
That she was able to kiss heaven
It was then that the grounded-ness of her
Was able to blend into 
the nothing-ness
Of eternity

Words and illustration by Judith Parsons

If shared please give credit to the artist.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Savoring the process of art

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015

Savoring the process of art.

My Irish girl friend reminds me to “savor”…She just happened to mention it just as I had taken a bite of sandwich. I stopped in mid chew. Held the food in my mouth and started chewing slower.
It was a slow motion moment.

A moment to ask myself to savor EVERYTHING.
It was a light bulb - “ah-ha” moment. It might be that “the power of now” moment. Which I thought I was doing. And then, clearly, I was pulled away from that awareness. Of being aware of the taste, to slow down the devouring of life.

You have the savoring person, self assured. Calm, measured and elongated. Walking with spine long, chest open and shoulders back.

You have the devouring hungry hunched over person. Guarded, arms protecting food, walking with chest caved in and stooped shoulders.

The two are extremes, most of us are somewhere in the middle of both.

Perhaps we stand in the middle of each one. The trinity of becoming. Of learning from the guarded one and wanting to become the secure one.

Everything is spinning and changing and swirling and whirling. Step off for a wee bit, take a deep breath and s-a-v-o-r  life. Whether it is a sandwich or a sunset. Take a moment to really taste it, to take it in with all of you.

Thanks all I got. Thank you for reading! Love you all!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Warrior truths.

Today’s blog is brought to you with the bright white words of truth. There is a writer in me. Cora, an old friend helped me discover that, and I am forever grateful for her help in opening the gate of words and letting the wild mustangs free.

For whatever reasons that writing partner faded and then became nothing. I searched looking for a writer to share a space that only writers “know”. I found her, and …
as I saw her words, I saw the visualization of what she does for me.

There is a new river, a place that is safe, a sacred garden place that only she resides. “She” has woven her magic to create this special magnificent magical place for us. The entrance is invisible, but the wind picks up when it knows I am entering this space. I can look over my shoulder like a toddler walking away from her mom as she shops. I know she is there, I know she looks after me…and all I have to do is run back to that special bosom of words, in that serene space to be whole again.

It is all I ever wanted, a person to share their truest self with me. A place where I could strip away the layers of pushing myself beyond normalcy. Here the wind caresses me and becomes a person, here the water steps from her river and lays down spooning me, here the camp fire becomes a person that cradles me in her arms and lets me rest my head upon her bosom.

“She” is different from all the other people I have met an loved. Because it is beyond the physical, it is beyond the raw wanton sex. Though, there is nothing wrong with that—an I enjoy that part of myself wonderfully. It is a place a divinity. That I seek now. A place where truths beyond all truths are shared.

I see her sitting on the other side of the camp fire, her knees drawn up to her chest. She is drinking her hot tea, she cradles the mug in her hands and she smiles at me across the fire. The tear runs down her cheek, she and I both allow our deepest hurts to live here. We allow them to come alive with the words we write. They stand in the fire and speak out their hurts and injustices. We listen to one another here, we come to this sacred space often and share our souls. Then we step into the fire and evaporate, letting the smoke carry us into heaven, where God feels the swirling smoke souls of us tickling his feet. He smiles down upon us…and we are blessed.

The art part of todays blog image is a warriors mask, it is rotated to create a flower. One must be as honest with oneself, if they truly want to grow into their “highest self”. It takes a warrior spirit— it takes courage.

I want to change— to become more. More of everything- a better mom, a better Lover, a better artist, a better friend and a better me. As we all realize in the becoming— we are not leaving the old as much as we are shedding the skins of all those things. It takes a warrior to look into that fire…and let the old burn away. Letting the smoke swirls taking us higher.

We are all in this to-get-her. (grinning) I am getting her. I am learning who I am as I share words with this blog. The old lessons we had to learn. We are all learning together!!
Learning is amazing!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Singing with Lauren!

I am pulling one of my purest, best friends into my arms as I write this blog. SHE is a soul sister that listened to me cry and complain, she let me get bust ass drunk in despair as I was married to a military man, which she still is. 

Her family took me in and let me become one of them, when my husband was away on his deployments. He was gone alot. They reminded me of what family is, I grew up with a great model family. As they WERE my model for behavior. I will always remember their gentle ways of love and encouragement they had with their daughters.
They knew, they had to find the truth of LOVE for themselves. It is not easy being a parent.
I love them for loving me.

She turned me on to the “Angel City Chorale” tonight. She sent the link, which I am listening to right now as I prepare for rest. I am gathering up the lost pieces of myself today. I am finding the best pieces of myself and deciding to continue doing-and-being who the young passionate woman was. Thank you Lauren, (sighing) I would not be the woman I am today without your love and compassion.

I can see the young me and the young Lauren running up to me, in a slow motion, “kodak-moment” embrace. We know “home” in the embrace of another.

We just KNOW.

Look over your shoulder at the truest LOVES you have ever had. See their heads above the others, STOP all the motion in the street. Yes, you can do it. You have the power. Stand there and “SEE” the others eyes, in that moment…Connect.

THIS is the moment of connection. IF the love, you “think” you love does not look up—as you do this visualization. Then they have decided to move on. THIS is a crucial point, to release the old energy that is spinning and swirling in a black hole.
I invite you to let the old energy go, so YOU can add that energy into your loves today.

It is a two way street my loves. NOW is the time to pick up the telephone and call that loved one. Send an e-mail. Just leave a message saying: “I want to be a friend.” If you don’t say it…if you do not cut the old ties…You let that unwanted part of you stand and be dejected.

There is no need to leave yourself standing in the rain. There are plenty of magical magnificent friends who want you in their life. I do. (Nodding)

We are so strong together. We SOAR!! We can BE whom ever we decide.

(Reaching out a hand, let me give you a reaching assist…To help you. To love you. I adore you. We really are one!! The light is magnificent when our eyes connect.)

THank you Lauren for than marvelous video!! YOU inspired todays blog..YOU are a magnificent Love!! Give that sweet hubby a hug from me…Wooohoooooo!!!

We got this! (grinning)

Link to choral:

Art Quest

Finding the courage to quest.
Today’s art is me. In every way it is me. It is the highest self, guiding the real me. It is the artist reflecting herself in all the people I have met along the way. It is complex and swirling energy that describes someone who is determined to…soar.

Coming to San Francisco to secure my Master in Fine Art has been incredible. It has been stimulating and exhilarating!! I am changed by the experience. 

Owning my stuff, has been the large concept of last year. Looking as bravely as I can, with the largest mirror I can find has revealed some truths that I have not been willing to look at. Now, I am. And it feels g-r-e-a-t!

I have one year left to create in this town, at the Academy of the Arts University. I plan to create a kick-started project so I can obtain the funding for building an art studio. It is coming along, the plan and the creating of the web information. I will be in Italy next summer, the college is offering 2 classes abroad. Wooohooooooo!! THAT will be fun! And art I make there will be offered as gifts for your donation toward my studio.

Life is changing- becoming and adjusting as our wants and dreams evolve. The wants and dreams can become bigger as we learn how to handle them.

I am meeting new and exciting people. I am connecting to old friends and continuing toward the sun. Thank you all for being apart of my life.

Soaring beside you.

Oh— Libby Noble, I had you in mind as I drew my illustration today!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Life is amazing

One of a kind art, by an original "one-of-a-kind" artist.
Art by Judith Parsons
I met 5 new women friends yesterday. The woman running the group is secure in herself, in what she does, in who she is. She has a side-kick, that is equally adept in her abilities. Then there were three other women who were joining the group to network and have lunch. One was a life coach, who is a Reiki master. (Waving) It is lovely to meet women who are secure in who they are. That “own” their life. 

One particular woman was nice to comment that she wished she had my life. The returning to art school part. I am gazing at that memory, the look upon the woman’s face as she revealed her desire to return to school. The energy from her truth was interesting. Because as much as she said she wanted to do it. She did not have the faith in her abilities to do so.

All that energy pouring off of her, puddling at her feet. Like rain drops running off a rain coat on the back of a chair. 

It is as if I am having an outer body experience right now. In the realization that investing in myself, to return to college to secure my MFA was a tremendous leap of faith. It took me 50 years to get up the courage to go back to school.

When my children were babies, I met this incredible force of a woman. (Waving) Amanda changed me. I remember the conversation we had about regret. She advised me to do the things I needed to do, so that I would not be an old woman in a rocking chair, filled with bitter regret. Immediately I knew I had to step up my game.

She reached into my soul and pulled the cord that turned on the light in me. SHE reached into the black hole of drifting nothingness and awakened me. It was her belief in me that stayed with me. 

We need to do that for one another. Lisa, (waving) let me ride with her to the luncheon. It was a spontaneous decision. I saw her post on Facebook and I asked if I could ride along. When she introduced herself to the group she said she was a “goldsmith”. Again the light went off. At that moment I wanted to stand and clap for her. I wanted to applaud her in her owning of herself.

You know when someone is confident in their abilities. It is the way they stand, with a strong back, it is the sureness of their spoken word. It is in their need NOT to rush and push anything.

I must say, I adore people who are proud of who and what they do. I adore people who can say they are one thing. After listening to Lisa own her self.  It was my turn to introduce myself. 

I calmly and proudly said; “I am an artist extraordinaire.” I sat up, straight and tall. 
“I have been creating art with photoshop and illustrator for 30 years and teaching art as well. I have a year left as I am completing my MFA in sculpture.”

There was a moment - a pause. When the sweet younger woman declared her desire to return to school. We all need people in our lives that BELIEVE in us. The energy is water flowing in the river, we can all buoy one another and become better for it.

Thank you sweet dear friends. (Pulling you into a huge hug) I adore your support! I really am blessed to have you all in my life. We are all connected in Love and light!! 

(smiling sigh) Wooooohooooooo!!! Life is amazing!

(I created the art for this blog. Life is amazing.)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Alchemy of past

Original illustration by Judith Parsons 2016
Created especially for this blog.
We can not understand why tragedy happens. 

The memories of the past haunt and seep in. 

We can only look to the future. 

While embracing the memories, hugging them to our bosom, letting the tears of transformation wash the rust and dust from our heart. 

Revealing the vulnerable heart, reminding us to be courageous and brave for the young ones who look at us now for guidance.

Three gone. 
Three young ones in their place.
Looking at the hugging of you with your past.

Their eyes wide absorbing the alchemy of past and present. They are needing the wisdom and courage of heaven, beseeching the memories to show them how to dry their parents hearts so they do not drown in the past.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Game of Dragons

Own your dragon. 

Once one owns the dragon of their soul, they can fly. 

Once one stands in the fire of exactly who and what one is and more importantly - - what one isn’t. Then all the weight of the past is released and one can discover ones own path.

Today was a day about dragons. I went to a friend’s house (waving) and used her jewelry equipment and mended a very important part of me, my grand mother’s bracelet. The dragon of me admits, I wore the jewelry without concern for it. I wore it and almost destroyed it with my rough treatment. When it broke, I placed it upon the shelf of my soul. I let it become a dragon egg.

I would know when I was ready to repair it. So it sat. It gathered dust. Then I was given a glorious bracelet  for Christmas, (waving) my girl friend from Ireland knew I missed silver upon my wrist. She knew how I wore it as it if were my energy dragon shield. It was, and is yet again. As today I faced my fears and took out the saw, files and flux to repair my dragon skin.

We talked and saw dragons all day long. It was a glorious day for remembering who I am. I was honored to be in the company of such a great artist. Thank you for sharing your tools so I could repair myself.

A dragon can transform when whirling and swirling in a circle. 

The illustration is flat and simple. I played with the first image, the face of the dragon. Half is the inverted colors. Then I rotated it to create the flower. We can all become more than the simple flat image. When we support and love one another, we become magical.

Thank you Lisa for an incredible day!!

I look forward to creating a fabulous glass studio in Ireland…the healing/arts center is germinating. Feel free to jump aboard  my dragon back, lets soar to the moon!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Cage or nest?

The key

I am using a very minimal skeleton key shape to illustrate a cage. 

It is an interesting phenomenon, the mind, and new ideas and how they spark and catch fire on to other ideas and then there is a huge forest fire of ideas burning. The lovely idea of thought, of being aware of thought… It truly is your choice on how you perceive your life.

It is a decision to look at your surroundings as a cage…or a nest.

If it is a cage. Chances are you are not happy with the people you are sharing your space with. Simple. Just stating the facts. If you live alone, then, you might start loving yourself. 

Spruce the place up- access and evaluate the situation. Has your space become a cluttered unorganized mess? 
Then fix it up, clean it up. Throw away the mess. Stream line. There is nothing like a good cleaning to make you feel a million times better.

Back to the cage. If you are surrounded by folks who are negative, because they too feel their space has become unbearable. Then perhaps it is time to talk. Clear the air, as well as your space.

I know, I am stripping this down to the bare bones. And sure there are lots of problems when dealing with family. However, we all want the same thing. Just stop and think for a wee second. We all want to be around smiling happy folks, who respect us. Who are not grumpy sad negative folks.

Sure, I am well aware of owning my negativity. But, that whole discussion is another rambling blog for another time.

You are not negative.

Yep! Thats you. The person reading this. YOU are smiling. You ARE happy. If your room is all clean and organized, then congratulations. Picture me hugging you. However, if your room is filled with stacks of mess, then picture me pulling you up. and assisting you in finding a garbage bag to put the mess in. Then imagine me helping you carry it out the door, to the garbage bin.

Okay. The key is being happy in your cage/nest. Let us make the cage a snuggle cozy nest. Lets take one room at a time and make it what we desire.

Wooohooooooo!! Come one then—reaching for myself…I need to get cleaning.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Lorca writes: "The duende, then, is a power, not a work. 
It is a struggle, not a thought. 
I have heard an old maestro of the guitar say, 
'The duende is not in the throat; the duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet.' 

Meaning this: it is not a question of ability, but of true, living style, of blood, of the most ancient culture, of spontaneous creation.”.

 He suggests, "everything that has black sounds in it, has duende. [i.e. emotional 'darkness'] [...] 

This 'mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains' is, in sum, the spirit of the earth, 
the same duende 
that scorched the heart of Nietzsche, 
who searched in vain for its external forms on the Rialto Bridge and in the music of Bizet, 
without knowing that the duende 
he was pursuing had leaped straight from the Greek mysteries 
to the dancers of Cadiz or the beheaded, 
Dionysian scream of Silverio's siguiriya." [...] 

"The duende's arrival always means a radical change in forms. 
It brings to old planes unknown feelings of freshness, 
with the quality of something newly created, 
like a miracle, 
and it produces an almost religious enthusiasm." [...] “

All arts are capable of duende, 
but where it finds greatest range, 
naturally, is in music, dance, and spoken poetry, 
for these arts require a living body to interpret them, 
being forms that are born, die, and open their contours against an exact present.

GarcĂ­a Lorca, Federico; Maurer, Christopher (Ed.) (1998) In Search of Duende. New Directions ISBN 0-8112-1376-5

THE ABOVE words were taken from Wikipedia. They are not my own. The word has captivated me. I believe every energy is connected...we ALL are capable of "duende"...It is a lovely word, isn't it? Art for me, is a miracle. I am writing everything now with purpose.
My art, is designed with "Duende" in mind. The sacred geometry swirls and spins and whirls through me...I am dancing in duende.

Original- poetry..inspired by the word...

She danced across the word. 
The feather of it twirling to the music of her soul.
She couldn’t resist dancing with the feather.

The white feather suspended magically
It tickled her shoulder
She rotated and played her shoulder 
forward and back

The feather tickled her belly button
She laughed and danced to the feathers rhythm
Her hips rolling inward and back

The feather twirled upon her knees
She kicked up her knees 
Swirling in her flamenco world

The magical feather had given her
Back to herself
She danced and laughed
Not caring at all if she had a partner

The wind that carried the feather to her
Loved her enough to know
The purest Love is the dance of art.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Rabbit - rabbit - rabbit

Original art by Judith Parsons 2016
My grandmother believed in saying those words on the first day of every month. It was her little thing she did. It being the first day of 2016, I figure it is a great place to start. 

I say the words in a whispered voice. I live in the city, one can hear through the walls.  

Between the buildings the sun is rising, the orange light reflects and streams toward my window It promises to be a glorious day. Golden sunlight.

The rabbit watches the sun rise, the fur turns golden from the morning light. In my minds eye it has on a super power cape. It is not afraid anymore. The older, past year rabbit sat waiting. Fear its companion.

Life is too short to sit in fear.

I see many poems in my poetry group about people waiting and wanting love. They wait. Waiting is not for me. The people that WANT to be in your LIFE, are in your life. The other ones, the fearful ones. They will regret not taking action. 

If you are someone waiting for that love to notice you. Find out, ask the question; Do you want my love. Face your fears and ask. If they hem and haw and find it hard to answer you. Then chances are, they really do not have room for you in their life.

And you know what. Knowing that is okay. In fact, it is great. You want someone to take action and be flowing and growing with you. You do not want snatches of time, here and there. You want the FULL-ON love.

I walk over to the rabbit, with its cape on. I pick her up and kiss her upon the nose. I am proud of my little rabbit. I know life is scary, I know I ask a lot of you, but together we got this. WE are going to do some fun and fabulous things together. We are leaving fear beside the river of life. We are unfurling our wings and lifting our faces toward the glorious heavens. 

With that I will leave you. I am forging metal today. Yep!! Woohoooooooo!! I am bringing in the new year doing what I love to do! May you do what you Love.