Thursday, January 7, 2016

Alchemy of past

Original illustration by Judith Parsons 2016
Created especially for this blog.
We can not understand why tragedy happens. 

The memories of the past haunt and seep in. 

We can only look to the future. 

While embracing the memories, hugging them to our bosom, letting the tears of transformation wash the rust and dust from our heart. 

Revealing the vulnerable heart, reminding us to be courageous and brave for the young ones who look at us now for guidance.

Three gone. 
Three young ones in their place.
Looking at the hugging of you with your past.

Their eyes wide absorbing the alchemy of past and present. They are needing the wisdom and courage of heaven, beseeching the memories to show them how to dry their parents hearts so they do not drown in the past.

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