Friday, January 8, 2016

Life is amazing

One of a kind art, by an original "one-of-a-kind" artist.
Art by Judith Parsons
I met 5 new women friends yesterday. The woman running the group is secure in herself, in what she does, in who she is. She has a side-kick, that is equally adept in her abilities. Then there were three other women who were joining the group to network and have lunch. One was a life coach, who is a Reiki master. (Waving) It is lovely to meet women who are secure in who they are. That “own” their life. 

One particular woman was nice to comment that she wished she had my life. The returning to art school part. I am gazing at that memory, the look upon the woman’s face as she revealed her desire to return to school. The energy from her truth was interesting. Because as much as she said she wanted to do it. She did not have the faith in her abilities to do so.

All that energy pouring off of her, puddling at her feet. Like rain drops running off a rain coat on the back of a chair. 

It is as if I am having an outer body experience right now. In the realization that investing in myself, to return to college to secure my MFA was a tremendous leap of faith. It took me 50 years to get up the courage to go back to school.

When my children were babies, I met this incredible force of a woman. (Waving) Amanda changed me. I remember the conversation we had about regret. She advised me to do the things I needed to do, so that I would not be an old woman in a rocking chair, filled with bitter regret. Immediately I knew I had to step up my game.

She reached into my soul and pulled the cord that turned on the light in me. SHE reached into the black hole of drifting nothingness and awakened me. It was her belief in me that stayed with me. 

We need to do that for one another. Lisa, (waving) let me ride with her to the luncheon. It was a spontaneous decision. I saw her post on Facebook and I asked if I could ride along. When she introduced herself to the group she said she was a “goldsmith”. Again the light went off. At that moment I wanted to stand and clap for her. I wanted to applaud her in her owning of herself.

You know when someone is confident in their abilities. It is the way they stand, with a strong back, it is the sureness of their spoken word. It is in their need NOT to rush and push anything.

I must say, I adore people who are proud of who and what they do. I adore people who can say they are one thing. After listening to Lisa own her self.  It was my turn to introduce myself. 

I calmly and proudly said; “I am an artist extraordinaire.” I sat up, straight and tall. 
“I have been creating art with photoshop and illustrator for 30 years and teaching art as well. I have a year left as I am completing my MFA in sculpture.”

There was a moment - a pause. When the sweet younger woman declared her desire to return to school. We all need people in our lives that BELIEVE in us. The energy is water flowing in the river, we can all buoy one another and become better for it.

Thank you sweet dear friends. (Pulling you into a huge hug) I adore your support! I really am blessed to have you all in my life. We are all connected in Love and light!! 

(smiling sigh) Wooooohooooooo!!! Life is amazing!

(I created the art for this blog. Life is amazing.)

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