Friday, January 15, 2016

middle of ramblings

Original art by Judith Parsons 2016

In the early morning hours I can think in the quiet…My friends on the east coast are awakening. Some of them post their morning “hellos” on Facebook. 

I am creating art in photoshop for a blog, I am rambling to no one, and yet to those that “know”.

I have art designs that must be sketched out, if I do not they are like a cat climbing up the back of a lovely upholstered chair. Their claws shredding the fabric of my mind. So I spend many hours drawing, planning trying how to make something large and transportable. Yet, light weight and durable.

I create art that usually has many pieces. I realize that now. I can not get away from it. I shake my head at my own discovery of my artist self. Do you see yourself? Do you step way far away from yourself and look back at you creating something?

Do you see yourself hunched over the key board typing away? Are you sitting straight? Or are you slumped? How do you see yourself? 

Is this normal? Ha?! Me caring about normal? Thats funny. There is nothing “normal” about me. And I am good with that. In fact, I like that I do not fit in any preformed - prefabricated slot. 

The rain, it is coming down in sheets. As I lay here cuddled snuzzled in my sheets. My nest is so comfy. I am beginning to enjoy my time here, alone. I can see how people become hermits. Though - just as soon as I wrote that line, the art said:”Nope, your art needs you.”


Time to put the kettle on, I will do it quietly as not to awaken the neighbors. Have a great day Sweet Sunshines! Look at yourself, from a distance…an smile at how beautiful you are. We are doing it, thought-by-thought, dream by dream…Making life a glorious tapestry of Love.

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