Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Sacred Line

The line, the marvelous pin tool. With Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop the pin tool is magic. That line is waiting to come to life. The line that connects or the line that separates. It can be a line of so many things. It can weave around and bind pieces together, it can become magic in the hands of an artist.

Creating magic is the artist’s occupation. We all know it when see it, we can’t stop looking at it. Whether it is a video, an animation, a painting, or a sculpture. We stand mesmerized by the beauty.

Perhaps the beauty is in the perfection of the line. Or maybe it is in the intricacy of the art, or the multi-faceted  puzzle pieces that are all pulled to-get-her. 

This graphic was created with some eyebrow lines and the edge of a nose. Yep. 3 separate shapes, that were rotated and over lapped. The simplest line can become and grow into an elaborate stunning piece. 

That was step one. Then I took it and warped it. Because we all know that life is about thinking something is perfect and then kicking you down a notch. Well, because -the universe wants us to keep learning. Step two, the leaf shape.

Step three is taking that shape and rotating and spinning it around yet again. We are all the whirling dervish, we are all the sacred spinning symbols of light swirling into perfection.

Today, the line becomes perfection.
Poetry in honor…

the line
the space between
the good and the bad

that space that lays between
can be 
as small as a knife cutting the paper
can be
as wide as the fingertips reaching for the side of the pool
can be
as long as it takes the sun to rise

that between
place of deciding to float
holding still
not moving a single muscle

that measurement of standing upon the line
knowing what is good
then glancing over at what you know you need not do
slow motion moment that last forever
the in-between decision gap
is a thread that weaves us
ALL to-get-her

Art and Poetry by Judith Parsons (2016) Do not use with out permission.

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