Saturday, January 9, 2016

Singing with Lauren!

I am pulling one of my purest, best friends into my arms as I write this blog. SHE is a soul sister that listened to me cry and complain, she let me get bust ass drunk in despair as I was married to a military man, which she still is. 

Her family took me in and let me become one of them, when my husband was away on his deployments. He was gone alot. They reminded me of what family is, I grew up with a great model family. As they WERE my model for behavior. I will always remember their gentle ways of love and encouragement they had with their daughters.
They knew, they had to find the truth of LOVE for themselves. It is not easy being a parent.
I love them for loving me.

She turned me on to the “Angel City Chorale” tonight. She sent the link, which I am listening to right now as I prepare for rest. I am gathering up the lost pieces of myself today. I am finding the best pieces of myself and deciding to continue doing-and-being who the young passionate woman was. Thank you Lauren, (sighing) I would not be the woman I am today without your love and compassion.

I can see the young me and the young Lauren running up to me, in a slow motion, “kodak-moment” embrace. We know “home” in the embrace of another.

We just KNOW.

Look over your shoulder at the truest LOVES you have ever had. See their heads above the others, STOP all the motion in the street. Yes, you can do it. You have the power. Stand there and “SEE” the others eyes, in that moment…Connect.

THIS is the moment of connection. IF the love, you “think” you love does not look up—as you do this visualization. Then they have decided to move on. THIS is a crucial point, to release the old energy that is spinning and swirling in a black hole.
I invite you to let the old energy go, so YOU can add that energy into your loves today.

It is a two way street my loves. NOW is the time to pick up the telephone and call that loved one. Send an e-mail. Just leave a message saying: “I want to be a friend.” If you don’t say it…if you do not cut the old ties…You let that unwanted part of you stand and be dejected.

There is no need to leave yourself standing in the rain. There are plenty of magical magnificent friends who want you in their life. I do. (Nodding)

We are so strong together. We SOAR!! We can BE whom ever we decide.

(Reaching out a hand, let me give you a reaching assist…To help you. To love you. I adore you. We really are one!! The light is magnificent when our eyes connect.)

THank you Lauren for than marvelous video!! YOU inspired todays blog..YOU are a magnificent Love!! Give that sweet hubby a hug from me…Wooohoooooo!!!

We got this! (grinning)

Link to choral:

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