Saturday, January 16, 2016

Black Hole Love

Original one-of-a-kind illustration by Judith Parsons 2016

I am taking words for a facebook page:
They are not my words.
However; they are relevant. As I am talking about the ultimate void--the black hole and her words.."match". We are all more connected than we know.
Thank you Vilma, for the post.

She represents the deepest void of creation.
Your Soul has a sacred contract with Kali. You elected to work with Her, and to allow Her to re-attune your energy to the darkest, holiest, most arcane nature of the feminine spirit.
This applies whether you are a man or a woman in this lifetime.
The predominant divine force working around you, and your life, now is Kali.
Her work will always take precedence, because she is the One who can strip away, cut away, break down illusions of the ego and purify fear in the most direct manner.
She is the One.
She is intense, relentless, sometimes intimidatingly mystical. She represents the Aching Void. The Wide-Open Soul. The Limitless, Unending Source of Creative Essence.
She has no interest whatsoever in your ego's protestations. She does not care what your ego wants your life to look like. She has no time for what you think you need to cling onto in order to be safe.
She is attuned in the most cosmically vast, universally-wise and far-reaching depths of higher consciousness to What You Actually Need.
You have no idea what you really need, She says.
You have no idea how magnificent and powerful you are.
You have no idea what your Soul came here to achieve and unfold from you.
You have no earthly idea how majestic, how breathtaking, how rousingly mesmerising the Divine Fire is that flickers now inside you.
And no idea whatsoever the sheer magnitude of what you can create.
So, Her job is to break down your walls. Destroy every shred of your defence to Sacred Truth. Work on you night, after night, after night until you scream for relief, for comfort, for just a day of 'time off' or for hiding.
She is a relentless taskmaster. She carries the deepest medicine, and the most swift divine cutting-tools for releasing your from all that currently binds you to your fear of growth.
She is presently cutting away everything that no longer serves your purpose. If it is meant to reappear, it will - in a different form, or healed, or evolved…or perhaps simply humbled and open.
She works incredibly deeply upon your energy field.
Now, feel that this Truth is seeping into your bones. Now, do not waste any more mental or emotional energy trying to resist what is happening in your life.
You are in a grand cosmic flow of change. You are being raised up to the highest heights of existence. Your entire vibration is steadily alchemising, melting, transforming, bubbling, moving, radically altering.
Magic is happening. Dark, deep magic.
Kali Magic.
There is no option to get off this divine train-ride. You agreed to play out your Sacred Role many, many eons ago. It was written in your blood, etched on Holy Tablets, engraved upon your Heart.
Kali is, right now, your primary guide and teacher. Let her purify, let her destroy, let her rid you of all superfluous energies and thoughts. Let her take away what hinders the eruption of your powers.
Surrender to Her.
Stop the fight. Stop the need to know how it all fits together. Dive into the Unknown, the Great Void. Inside the Void, lies the Sacred Keys to your Existence, and all the jewels you have ever been searching for.
This process is happening now. As Kali releases your old energy, and purifies you in order to embody your true Light, you can have any number of symptoms. Your physical body may scream as it releases old fear and resistance. Your thoughts may whirl like crazy. Your ego will do anything it can to hold onto dominance.
Your life may look as if it is falling apart. It is not.
You are preparing for monumental, phoenix-like rebirth.
To take your place among the game-changers of our planet. To stand once again on the altar of the Divine Mother, and await your instructions.
You elected for this to happen, right now. In this exact time-frame. You can do whatever is required of you now - in fact, you were born to do this. You were born to rise up to this.
Excellent advice from Sophie Bashford. I am not sure if she wrote the words...or if the words are attached to cards. I do not claim them as my own.
They seem to relate my thoughts on the black hole of Love.

Let us all re-birth.
With Love.

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