Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Savoring the process of art

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015

Savoring the process of art.

My Irish girl friend reminds me to “savor”…She just happened to mention it just as I had taken a bite of sandwich. I stopped in mid chew. Held the food in my mouth and started chewing slower.
It was a slow motion moment.

A moment to ask myself to savor EVERYTHING.
It was a light bulb - “ah-ha” moment. It might be that “the power of now” moment. Which I thought I was doing. And then, clearly, I was pulled away from that awareness. Of being aware of the taste, to slow down the devouring of life.

You have the savoring person, self assured. Calm, measured and elongated. Walking with spine long, chest open and shoulders back.

You have the devouring hungry hunched over person. Guarded, arms protecting food, walking with chest caved in and stooped shoulders.

The two are extremes, most of us are somewhere in the middle of both.

Perhaps we stand in the middle of each one. The trinity of becoming. Of learning from the guarded one and wanting to become the secure one.

Everything is spinning and changing and swirling and whirling. Step off for a wee bit, take a deep breath and s-a-v-o-r  life. Whether it is a sandwich or a sunset. Take a moment to really taste it, to take it in with all of you.

Thanks all I got. Thank you for reading! Love you all!

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