Monday, January 18, 2016

A love that is too small.

Original art created especially for this blog. Bu Judith Parsons 2016.
I stumbled across this line, it was a root sticking up, my toe stubbed it and I caught myself. 

I didn’t fall flat on my face, almost did. But the root words caught my eye. The words snagged me enough to make me turn and take notice.

These words are dangerously powerful words. 

They can be used for evil and well as for good. One must be strong in their grounded love to sustain these words. 

For 3 days, the words sat upon my surface. 

They floated for a while, like cotton fiber paper resting easily upon me. I discussed the words with another, I knew she was putting tremendous energy and time into a love that was going no where. She was propping up a love, wanting the love to reciprocate, wanting the love to flow. It didn’t, the love was stagnating, the love was becoming algae.

I looked at my own love. I looked at myself with as wide open eyes as I could manage. And the words were flowing down the river of life. They would always be there to remind me to reciprocate and have empathy and gentleness toward the friends and loves in my life.

I created this art just for this blog. The swirling,whirling, spinning paper pieces of those words have a soft bubble feeling as they slide over me under the water of love. Thank you for reminding me to let the walls of my box down, to let the galaxy of love in. We are all connected in love and light.

It is a decision to remain : A love that is too small.

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