Friday, January 29, 2016

Miracle Muse

Original one of a kind illustrations by Judith Parsons.
(San Francisco 2016)
The illustration started out as a simple abstract face, it has a lightning bolt beard and a head full of stairs and swirls. The head was churning with a thousand ideas, with every idea another one jumped on board. It became a three-ring circus of ideas.

She was like that. Spewing and spurting a millions ideas all over the place. The muse of my mind was like riding a horse bare back through the surf. The foam and spray was every where, my eyes stung from all the crazy splashing and my bum was bouncing all over the places I was trying to hang on for Dear life.

This is what LIFE is like when I DON”T drink. My mind is making up for lost time. When I play in Adobe illustrator and photoshop one thing becomes many many things. I shake my head at my own crazy designs. I keep clicking along, the steps and perspective of the diagonal skip along beside me, running and playing. Creating art is an isolated affair. Art asks much of the creator, whispering at all times: "See the way the light reflects off of that. " Or "The negative space creates a whole other sculpture." Or "Wow, her eyes are so green today." A million thoughts zoom through our heads, and most of the time, you will never ever know all the things your crazy Love is thinking.

Love the artist with all her crazy patient with the artist when he/she awakens and pulls the sketch pad out to just "jot down a dream." The layers of art and layers of reality are fast these days, new computer technology ask the artist to be many people. It can make us, the artist just a wee bit crazy!

Then I think of Allison and all of her crazy sculptures and I nod -- Yep, we are ALL crazy loons. For sure…for sure. Then Richard with that HUGE head sculpture. I think of Jihoon and his amazing pixel and wooden sculptures and how much time those took to build and sigh. Yep, another loon. And Nic, and his metal pillows. Need I say more?
For sure…Loons are pretty amazing!

Hug an artist today!! Thank them for their lightning bold energy of ART!!

Expect miracles!

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