Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Game of Dragons

Own your dragon. 

Once one owns the dragon of their soul, they can fly. 

Once one stands in the fire of exactly who and what one is and more importantly - - what one isn’t. Then all the weight of the past is released and one can discover ones own path.

Today was a day about dragons. I went to a friend’s house (waving) and used her jewelry equipment and mended a very important part of me, my grand mother’s bracelet. The dragon of me admits, I wore the jewelry without concern for it. I wore it and almost destroyed it with my rough treatment. When it broke, I placed it upon the shelf of my soul. I let it become a dragon egg.

I would know when I was ready to repair it. So it sat. It gathered dust. Then I was given a glorious bracelet  for Christmas, (waving) my girl friend from Ireland knew I missed silver upon my wrist. She knew how I wore it as it if were my energy dragon shield. It was, and is yet again. As today I faced my fears and took out the saw, files and flux to repair my dragon skin.

We talked and saw dragons all day long. It was a glorious day for remembering who I am. I was honored to be in the company of such a great artist. Thank you for sharing your tools so I could repair myself.

A dragon can transform when whirling and swirling in a circle. 

The illustration is flat and simple. I played with the first image, the face of the dragon. Half is the inverted colors. Then I rotated it to create the flower. We can all become more than the simple flat image. When we support and love one another, we become magical.

Thank you Lisa for an incredible day!!

I look forward to creating a fabulous glass studio in Ireland…the healing/arts center is germinating. Feel free to jump aboard  my dragon back, lets soar to the moon!!

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  1. Love this! Love the time we shared today as well as the inspiration and I Look forward to may more flights!