Wednesday, April 29, 2015

heaven upon earth

One-of-a-kind art by
One-of-a-kind artist
Judith Parsons 2015
On Earth As it is in Heaven

How many times have we all prayed those words? Most of us learned to recite the prayer as a little one. We just did. Those words mixed in with a whole bunch of other words. They comforted me, they became a ladder that took me to my safe sleepy land of dreams.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to stand up and ask what our heaven is? 

When I contemplate heaven I think of childlike love, an innocent love. A love that is not a pushy love, a love that flows and glows. (sighing smile) When I think of what heaven is, there is a divine warmth that radiates outward.

Have you ever stood in a summer rain, when the sun was shining? You can not help but lift up your face toward the heavens, with eyes closed and smile. It is a rare treat to have the rain while the sun is out…a miracle even.

I look for miracles everyday. I expect them even. They show up in photographs, hidden faces in rocks or flames. Or I stop upon a sidewalk and see the faces in the dappled light of the tree shadow. It is the simplest of silent moments.

I created the graphic from a gothic doorway photograph I took ages ago. I awakened with the words “On earth as it is in heaven” upon my mind. I wish for an ideal world of no war where we all have hearts that are child like. 

What we see we can believe. If we all believe it, then eventually we will achieve it… that perfect place…right here, on earth.

(It is so nice to have someone to come home to. That is a little miracle.) 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We are ALL connected.

The midnight bell toils, my love sleeps in my nest. It is a cozy place. I have candles placed on either side of the bed, the window is wide open.The day was warm in the city and it has not cooled off much. It is the end of April and already it is very warm. (sighing) 

I have art shows to enter and a year left of school. (Actually until Aug.2016) And I have no idea where I will be when this is all done. San Francisco is a great city to live in. I have been blessed to come to this University and chill with the coolest teachers upon the planet!! I am soooo excited about the coming year!!  I can see my final gallery thesis art show in my minds eye. I can see the metal and clay and glass and wood…all the puzzle pieces coming together.

It all involves Love, light, learning, laughter, and lingering touches. All those luscious “L” words.

(sighing smiling)

I have spent 5 days driving back into my past. I rented a car and Anita (waving) and I headed to the blacksmith conference. We learned about the fire, the heat, how to hammer metal and we learned - most importantly how incredibly hard it is. Then—we sigh—and agree that “e-v-e-r-y-thing takes time”…every single thing needs time to settle.

It doesn’t matter if it is the idea of an art piece, or learning to blacksmith, or learning how to love someone. It all takes time. 

We learn slowly how to respond. If we are lucky we learn to breathe in difficult times and smile. Don’t respond immediately, just ask the person to give you time to respond. Let the voices of who you are rise slowly to the surface so you can honor - you!

Then…in the morning light, after a good nights rest. Address the issues of your heart. Quietly, calmly and with love in mind.

All of us, wishes to be loved. It gets old when we are not loved. One can only wait so long, in the forgotten hallways of love, before they walk away. It IS a TWO way street, one of reciprocated love. We all know, what it feels like to be love and how it feels like to NOT be loved.

THe last 5 days I have been away at a blacksmithing conference. I have been buzzing about learning new art. I have been thinking of you guys. I miss my social net—work….My loves…My light…My lingering touches of words.

WE are stronger than we know sweet loves…WE are woven stronger and tighter together as we share love of words and love of light. WE are the energy that connects!! (hugging you all tight) I have friends all over the world…LET us all connect on an energy level. See us all hugging…and laughing and falling into a heap a bodies…Pure Love..Giggling—-and happy.

I love you all! WE are light!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


cool sculpture at blacksmith conference-one day
I will be this good.
photos by Anita Boyle
I am attending the CA Blacksmith Conference in Hollister. Yesterday I learned how to get the coal fire started so that I could forge some metal. A gentleman assisted us, getting coal for us so we could light the fire. We had lots and lots and lots of smoke. Did I tell you we had lots of smoke?

Then finally a nice little couple came over and poked a hole in the middle of our coal, saying- we needed a chimney. Wow!! Then the fire was roaring like gang-busters! What a difference that made.

An old friend, (waving-Thank you Valerie) who is a blacksmith was attending and she assisted in showing me how to get the fire perfect. I learned about the little cave that the coal will make—as it hardens, how to dribble water over the coals so the “cave” is formed.

Then after we accomplished that HUGE feat, she instructed me on how long I should leave the metal in the fire so that it is up to its proper forging temperature. Yesterday was amazing! I made a piece of metal that looked like something!!! Its beak looks more like a toucan and not so much like an eagle…but hey- it resembles a bird. So I am happy!

(Admittedly, I burnt up the first one I tried, It got so dang hot that the eagle head fell off! So, in life we learn there is balance- a lovely lesson to learn!!)

If you have not done blacksmithing—you should —it is an amazing thing to experience. I highly recommend it!

Have a blessed day sweet friends!

Does anybody want to hire and artist? Maybe a summer job? 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Oh My God!! We have to fix this!!!

the link for this article!

Okay WORLD!!! 

(Knocking on your computer screen? Hear the tapping?) 

That is me—trying to awaken enough people..that the governments WAKE up? Now  Dolphins are dying! From radiation!!

HELLO! Is anybody listening?

THIS is tragic! THIS is really a horrible sign folks!! I don’t mean to be all about doom and friction gloom—BUT why isn’t the WORLD jointing forces to fix the radiation leak???


Okay, okay, I will try and not yell at you… Coz you are just like me…Just a normal person.
We are like ants. we are tiny in the whole scheme of things. BUT—have you ever ever stepped in a nest of ants? Those suckers HURT…

WE ALL need to react—we all need to complain to out governments…Cos we all share the same waters…the waters circulate around the continents and eventually ALL the water will be contaminated…radiation folks!!

Please—please—please…let us ALL join forces to become a bothersome pain—so the government will stand up and take their socks and shoes off and go running to fix this problem!


We all have children, we all want a safe world for them and their future babies…Please, let us all unite for the sake of the future!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Messy Doodle Art!

Original one of a kind art, created by Judith Parsons.
Using a 3 Dimensional Doodle Pen...
It takes some practice, like everything we do in life.

Every single thing takes practice... You have to learn how to do something, and it takes t-i-m-e.

I used a tin can to run the plastic around to create circles, and I let the weight of gravity put the plastic straight.

As you can tell, from the photograph below, I used tape to attach straight pieces of plastic to the board, then I secured other pieces upon it.

It takes thinking about the shape, creating it in cardboard..then repeating the segments...I learned a lot the first day playing with this material.

I had my window open, the sun upon my shoulders and was doing art in my little room! LIFE is amazing!!

I hope you are enjoying spring! If it is raining, try and let the sound in, let the rain drips become drums. If it is sunny, I hope you planted a few seeds!
The red woman sculpture is messy. She has to be, this is her time time, right out of the box. SHE will become more "sculpted" with time. She is becoming more perfect every day. We both are.

Though, if you know me, then you know, I intend to pass on to the next realm -the day I am perfect. So I am in no rush! (grinning) Enjoying the journey! (The day I stop learning, is the day I die!)

Smiling, reaching out for you, and pulling you into my arms for a huge swirling and swaying hug!

Soaring beside you Love!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Great unknown

Meet Mr. Reiki Bear... He was given to me by Anita.
I snuggle up to him and talk to him...
He says: "Hello Sweet friends! My mum Loves you!"

The bear in the Native American medicine lessons is “trusting the great unknown”, according to the teachings of Jamie Sans and David Carson.  

Think about the teddy bear, if we were lucky enough we had one to snuggle and cuddle next to at night. Some were stuffed animals and some were Luvs.

Love your furry love! (grinning) 

Snuggle and cuddle for the sake of just plain ole snuggling! Never mind all that sweaty other stuff. Just sigh...and be happy!

The winds of spring are new and lovely! I am not exactly sure what is happening with my future, but I do know, I have honored the work! I am learning and leaping across spaces in art that have me feeling like a 25 year old!  If you want to find the fountain of youth, then follow me sweet Luvs! We got some magic to make you S-O-A-R!

Flying fishes…Yes-sir-ree!!

(Snuggly against your bear, smile…KNOW that everything in fine. Rest. I got cha!)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Roots and Wings

Original art created especially for blog!
Created by Judith Parsons 2015
The past few days have been interesting. I will not go into why. It does not matter.

I just did the last Deepak and Oprah meditation and I saw myself walking through my house in Folsom, LA. 

I walked through each room, caressing the walls. I sat upon the edge of my favorite tub and ran my hand over the chrome. I kissed the glass in the walls of my awesome shower. The swirl of the baluster I stood and wrapped my arms around, and I cried.

I said goodbye to a house that so many people were a part of. You know who you are, we all grew up building our safe-haven from hurricanes.

(Hugging you all into my arms)

I wonder if I will ever stand on that second story balcony again. I doubt it. Some glorious person was brave enough to purchase an artists home, with crazy designed lofts with sail boat cabinets and wooden ladders.
I saw the past so clearly, the love that was in that house, the love that I didn't know I had. I cried for my not knowing. I know now. And I can't go back. So when Oprah said these words:

“We all have everything we need, our true selves are untouched from the past.” 
I grew wings! Oprah is a wise woman. 

It is time to close the doors of the past. I suppose my tears were the realization of all my horrible mistakes. I must close the doors. So that NEW doors may open.

The words below are from Deepak, I listened again and again and wrote down a few of his wise words.

“Success is a wholeness. Success is letting go of that craving.

Success is a path to freedom, the only reality if beyond..peace that is beyond understanding…detaching self from labels, approaching unbounded awareness…The unbounded awareness is the true self …resist all definitions.

I am that. 

THAT- is absolute freedom. Pure awareness!!

True self gives you unconditional success and love. Once you know this, you have oneness that is beyond success. Peace that surpasses understanding.

I exist beyond all limitations!” Thank you Deepak for all that you are!!

I am creating sculpture today that will reflect this.

Thank you Deepak and Oprah for your 22 days of bliss!! YOU both have been beside me everyday, I have felt your love and light, and have grown both wings and roots because of you!

Have a blessed day sweet facebook Loves. We truly are more woven into one another, than we know! (hugging and squeezing you tight)
I love you!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Graphic created by me- especially for this blog!
Wooohooooooo!!! I love you!

I awakened with these words pinging against my head…they wanted to come out as this graphic. There you have it.

Whew. Some image are like that. They desire so strongly to be born that they pester you like a toddler next to the candy a you are checking out. The word “SELF” was relentless.


Yep. Thats what we got.

We are that, we do that. Today- in a world where everything is instant and seen in a flash there is no hiding. I have been able to display what ever I desire. Though I choose to make my post positive and upbeat, and generally about art.

We are weaving ourselves into one another. We are connecting and becoming stronger as we share our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We are praying and caring and becoming more compassionate.

Yesterday was a great example, I posted a photograph of the sunrising in San Francisco. A simple photograph, and tons of peeps loved it and shared it. You all commented and MADE my day. I tried to thank each one of you personally. I am blessed to have your love.

We are becoming our best SELF! Wooooohoooooo!!!
I love you all!

Happ Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring! 

Happy planting seeds of self! May you honor the garden of you, may you flourish and grows and produce glorious fruit!

(hugging you tight) I love you guys!

Friday, April 3, 2015

light memories

original art -created just for this Judith Parsons 2015
Her words painted 

Soft golden light

the tenderness of rolling





I remember your hands…





the tears

Reaching out



light memories

Dear God, I miss your hands

The way you cared for me.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brendan Lee Satish Tang

He is a real live artist!!

For my on-line graduate class, we have to find artist that relates to our work. Every week, we search, scroll, google and stumble around looking for great artist.

THIS artist, is actually on face book...So for me-THAT makes this artist REAL. Yep. (Nodding my head) Facebook is where I soar, I have met the coolest artist, the coolest poets and Loves...ALL on facebook.

(Group hug)

So, here you go!! Brendan Lee Satish Tang is one awesome artist!! He works in ceramic...and combines geometric shapes with fluid shapes, he takes photos with his phone, and we get to see his work in progress!!
What a cool dude! It makes my artist heart proud -- to see another artist creating and making art, putting it out there...

Soaring beside you Brenden!! We are all more connected than we know!!!

These are Brendan's photographs, from his facebook page...
I screen captured them, without his permission...and created
this collage of sorts...So you could see his AWESOME work!!