Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Messy Doodle Art!

Original one of a kind art, created by Judith Parsons.
Using a 3 Dimensional Doodle Pen...
It takes some practice, like everything we do in life.

Every single thing takes practice... You have to learn how to do something, and it takes t-i-m-e.

I used a tin can to run the plastic around to create circles, and I let the weight of gravity put the plastic straight.

As you can tell, from the photograph below, I used tape to attach straight pieces of plastic to the board, then I secured other pieces upon it.

It takes thinking about the shape, creating it in cardboard..then repeating the segments...I learned a lot the first day playing with this material.

I had my window open, the sun upon my shoulders and was doing art in my little room! LIFE is amazing!!

I hope you are enjoying spring! If it is raining, try and let the sound in, let the rain drips become drums. If it is sunny, I hope you planted a few seeds!
The red woman sculpture is messy. She has to be, this is her time time, right out of the box. SHE will become more "sculpted" with time. She is becoming more perfect every day. We both are.

Though, if you know me, then you know, I intend to pass on to the next realm -the day I am perfect. So I am in no rush! (grinning) Enjoying the journey! (The day I stop learning, is the day I die!)

Smiling, reaching out for you, and pulling you into my arms for a huge swirling and swaying hug!

Soaring beside you Love!!

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