Saturday, April 25, 2015


cool sculpture at blacksmith conference-one day
I will be this good.
photos by Anita Boyle
I am attending the CA Blacksmith Conference in Hollister. Yesterday I learned how to get the coal fire started so that I could forge some metal. A gentleman assisted us, getting coal for us so we could light the fire. We had lots and lots and lots of smoke. Did I tell you we had lots of smoke?

Then finally a nice little couple came over and poked a hole in the middle of our coal, saying- we needed a chimney. Wow!! Then the fire was roaring like gang-busters! What a difference that made.

An old friend, (waving-Thank you Valerie) who is a blacksmith was attending and she assisted in showing me how to get the fire perfect. I learned about the little cave that the coal will make—as it hardens, how to dribble water over the coals so the “cave” is formed.

Then after we accomplished that HUGE feat, she instructed me on how long I should leave the metal in the fire so that it is up to its proper forging temperature. Yesterday was amazing! I made a piece of metal that looked like something!!! Its beak looks more like a toucan and not so much like an eagle…but hey- it resembles a bird. So I am happy!

(Admittedly, I burnt up the first one I tried, It got so dang hot that the eagle head fell off! So, in life we learn there is balance- a lovely lesson to learn!!)

If you have not done blacksmithing—you should —it is an amazing thing to experience. I highly recommend it!

Have a blessed day sweet friends!

Does anybody want to hire and artist? Maybe a summer job? 

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