Thursday, April 9, 2015

Roots and Wings

Original art created especially for blog!
Created by Judith Parsons 2015
The past few days have been interesting. I will not go into why. It does not matter.

I just did the last Deepak and Oprah meditation and I saw myself walking through my house in Folsom, LA. 

I walked through each room, caressing the walls. I sat upon the edge of my favorite tub and ran my hand over the chrome. I kissed the glass in the walls of my awesome shower. The swirl of the baluster I stood and wrapped my arms around, and I cried.

I said goodbye to a house that so many people were a part of. You know who you are, we all grew up building our safe-haven from hurricanes.

(Hugging you all into my arms)

I wonder if I will ever stand on that second story balcony again. I doubt it. Some glorious person was brave enough to purchase an artists home, with crazy designed lofts with sail boat cabinets and wooden ladders.
I saw the past so clearly, the love that was in that house, the love that I didn't know I had. I cried for my not knowing. I know now. And I can't go back. So when Oprah said these words:

“We all have everything we need, our true selves are untouched from the past.” 
I grew wings! Oprah is a wise woman. 

It is time to close the doors of the past. I suppose my tears were the realization of all my horrible mistakes. I must close the doors. So that NEW doors may open.

The words below are from Deepak, I listened again and again and wrote down a few of his wise words.

“Success is a wholeness. Success is letting go of that craving.

Success is a path to freedom, the only reality if beyond..peace that is beyond understanding…detaching self from labels, approaching unbounded awareness…The unbounded awareness is the true self …resist all definitions.

I am that. 

THAT- is absolute freedom. Pure awareness!!

True self gives you unconditional success and love. Once you know this, you have oneness that is beyond success. Peace that surpasses understanding.

I exist beyond all limitations!” Thank you Deepak for all that you are!!

I am creating sculpture today that will reflect this.

Thank you Deepak and Oprah for your 22 days of bliss!! YOU both have been beside me everyday, I have felt your love and light, and have grown both wings and roots because of you!

Have a blessed day sweet facebook Loves. We truly are more woven into one another, than we know! (hugging and squeezing you tight)
I love you!

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