Friday, April 17, 2015

Oh My God!! We have to fix this!!!

the link for this article!

Okay WORLD!!! 

(Knocking on your computer screen? Hear the tapping?) 

That is me—trying to awaken enough people..that the governments WAKE up? Now  Dolphins are dying! From radiation!!

HELLO! Is anybody listening?

THIS is tragic! THIS is really a horrible sign folks!! I don’t mean to be all about doom and friction gloom—BUT why isn’t the WORLD jointing forces to fix the radiation leak???


Okay, okay, I will try and not yell at you… Coz you are just like me…Just a normal person.
We are like ants. we are tiny in the whole scheme of things. BUT—have you ever ever stepped in a nest of ants? Those suckers HURT…

WE ALL need to react—we all need to complain to out governments…Cos we all share the same waters…the waters circulate around the continents and eventually ALL the water will be contaminated…radiation folks!!

Please—please—please…let us ALL join forces to become a bothersome pain—so the government will stand up and take their socks and shoes off and go running to fix this problem!


We all have children, we all want a safe world for them and their future babies…Please, let us all unite for the sake of the future!

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