Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brendan Lee Satish Tang

He is a real live artist!!

For my on-line graduate class, we have to find artist that relates to our work. Every week, we search, scroll, google and stumble around looking for great artist.

THIS artist, is actually on face book...So for me-THAT makes this artist REAL. Yep. (Nodding my head) Facebook is where I soar, I have met the coolest artist, the coolest poets and Loves...ALL on facebook.

(Group hug)

So, here you go!! Brendan Lee Satish Tang is one awesome artist!! He works in ceramic...and combines geometric shapes with fluid shapes, he takes photos with his phone, and we get to see his work in progress!!
What a cool dude! It makes my artist heart proud -- to see another artist creating and making art, putting it out there...

Soaring beside you Brenden!! We are all more connected than we know!!!

These are Brendan's photographs, from his facebook page...
I screen captured them, without his permission...and created
this collage of sorts...So you could see his AWESOME work!!

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