Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I need to see

It surprised me how strong the voice was of the clay. I had placed the oil based clay upon the heater this morning, I spoke to the clay-like you would plants. I told it I would let it warm up gradually. I was not rushing it to become anything.
It would know when it wanted to be made into art. Then, it could whisper to me to come pick it up and mold it.

I got paper towel out and went to the clay. It was perfectly warm- ready for me to learn upon it. I wanted to make a small head and go over the lessons of proportion and the shape of the eye and lid. I was humming to myself quietly and working away smoothing and kneading the clay into the head shape.

I had place the eye lids upon the eye, yet I had pushed the eye too far into the skull so I blended the lids back into the pupil. At that point the head said: "Please let me have my eye lids, I need to see."

I had goose bumps over my body and quickly added the eye lids back. As soon as I did the head was happy and relieved.

I was too.

It sits over by the clay that is not made into anything. He is roughed out, he is happy being rough. (smiling) Art is interesting…Lordy mercy- it sure is!

Noble sculpting train

Original art created by a one-of-a kind artist,
Judith Parsons Art 2014
Taking a sculpture class with Lawrence Noble is a glorious experience!!!

Sure we learn all about using our tools, how to follow the planes of the face. To follow lines which magically beseech other lines to appear. However, talking with Lawrence about life and about his work and all that he has encountered is heaven upon earth.

The art I created today was about perseverance.  Lawrence made that statement.  What a glorious piece of advice. 

"Don't get off the train!!!!"

Graduate school is not for sissys. You have to show up for class, then show up after class and continue to show up - on your own time to practice what you have learned in class. It requires determination, strength and endurance.

I am looking forward to the point where sculpting art becomes easy. It isn't any where near easy now. And THAT is what makes us crazy in life. The LEARNING part is SUPPOSE to be hard. We want to learn in the blink of an eye, we want to have all the knowledge at once.

NOTE to self:  Learning is suppose to be hard. (Let that sink in.)

Can you imagine? Knowing everything at once. Learning builds slowly. Cognitive development builds upon previous knowledge. Ugh!! It is a constant ache to want to know it all!!
Heaven help me!! I want to know sooooo much!!! I want to learn to be a blacksmith, to work with glass, to work with clay, to work with metal!! Dear God, help me to learn it all!

Let me get back on track. (smiling) Don't get off the train...

We have to stumble, we have to fall, we have to keep going!!

We talked about the higher self, the angels that visit us and give us inspiration. We talked about collar bones and the beauty of the body. Ooooo the eyes, the eyes are glorious to sculpt!

Thank you Lawrence for showing up and teaching!! THANK you for being a shining light, that smiles and laughs with crazy middle aged students.

I will stay on the train, as long as you are the engineer driving it!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Divine





Fly with me!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Between Asleep and Awake

Art created escpecially for this blog! Original art
by Judith Parsons Art 2014. Do not use without
Trinity- between asleep and awake- (and singing)

(I am rambling half asleep and you know me- I rarely edit my words..THIS is just rambling..writing and I needed to spew these words down - so if you are a stickler for perfect grammar or structure of words---
Go read something else.)

Everything is as it should be.

I am convinced that what you think and spend time doing will eventually creep into your life. I spent a lot of time watching the "Survivor" show on television. It was a few years back, however, the energy spent thinking about being without, sat in my mind manifesting itself into today.

I am getting through it..But I needed to get here..I needed to get to the bottom of me. So I could look all the way up the ladder out of this hole- and see the ladder going into the cosmos!!

We all know the idea of "the power of thought"..the whole notion that you are what you think. It is the self-fulfilling prophecy bumped up a few notches. PERHAPS it just takes a while for "what you think" to finally manifest itself into reality.

Be patient, be diligent, persevere and all the pieces of the puzzle start MAGICALLY falling into place.

I kid you not. It is amazing really to experience the "connectedness" of ev-ver-ry thing!! (Smiling)

The trick is honoring the work. Or it is for me.

I am stunned by the synchronicity of Life.

ALL of my incredible thoughts come to me between asleep and awake. For me, the time is sacred!!!

THAT time IS my GOD time. That time is when passion whispers against my ear and says: "Honey- here is another incredible idea!" And I awaken and ACT upon it.

I am preparing a paper for Sacred Geometry and every day I add to it. The Trinity is the ULTIMATE shape- the triangle!!

The triangle is sooo much!
It is the space between asleep and awake.
It is the past- present and future.
It is the body-mind and spirit.
It is the JOURNEY- between being born and death.
The triangle is the race we are ALL on..but the joke is..you don't have to run! You can be the turtle! You can enjoy the journey...

Please, please, please...HAVE 2 good friends in life! So if you do stumble and fall. As sometimes we do. THEY will be beside you to help pick you up and dust you off.

Keep soaring sweet Luvs!!

The illustration beside these words- was created using the primary colors and the checker black and white section. When the 3 oval shapes are overlapped they create an incredible triangle in the center. 

Keep soaring…shining…smiling and most of all singing. 

SINGING is an incredible healing process…Sing babe sing!!

THIS rambling brought to you by the "between singing artist".

Friday, September 26, 2014

Metal fireworks

Metal fireworks

Today was a glorious day to transcend a few steps up, toward metal enlightenment. It will take an entire semester to feel comfortable with all the machines that assist in the welding process.

Oxy-acet, big, mic, plasma cutter and forge. Today I worked with thin steel, cutting it and then welding it back together. Metal warps when it gets heated. (sighing) I am not exactly sure how to combat this issue. However, with time I will figure it out.

Today I learned about the moistness of metal. Yep. Who knew-right? (eye-brows raised- shrugging shoulders) I had no clue. The professor was very patient with me- as he showed me a few times how the metal turns orange and the metal rod melts and runs toward the heat.

As my wise professor, John Fick said: "You have to control the heat." For me it was becoming comfortable with the heat. I stayed with it. I stayed on for the workshop so I could really practice becoming one with the puddle.

(smiling- sighing) I did it. I became aware of that exact point- where the stream of moist metal meets the rod that holds the two pieces of metal together.

Metal is amazing.

I am tired- exhausted even. However- it is a GOOD tired!! A tired that says- I honored the work! I learned something new because I would not quit.

Face your fears. Do what you love. (Pushing you toward your fears) They want you to at least try.

WhewWeeeee…I am a tired little welder…Night night Loves!

Make memories!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finding the center

It may seem like a small thing to you math gurus. However, for me, I have just learned to do something I have been yearning to do my whole life.

Find the 
of a circle.

You probably are laughing at this simple task.  I couldn't get it. Until today. 

I am going to interject with a special tid-bit  and I wonder if it has happened to you. There are few words that have done this to me. When you learn the meaning of a new word, when you learn it and experience it on such a deep level that it travels with you. It stays upon the surface of you. Riding around like a parrot sitting upon the shoulder of a pirate. It sits there waiting for you to complete the tutorial.

The word that has been waiting for me to complete its lesson was PERPENDICULAR.

Today was the day it came full circle. (laughing) I remember getting the ah-ha moment of the word. I remember loving the word. I liked why it explained, I liked how smart the word sounded, I liked the way it rolled off the tongue. It is a glorious word to love.

Then today in Sacred Geometry class Mark A. Reynolds (www.MarkAReynolds.com) showed us the magic for finding the center of a circle or arch. 

I tried it and thought- there it is. THE word walked into the room with the majestic stride of a King! I was floored. (grinning) I bowed and He (the word dressed in fancy robes) bowed and we laughed and hugged one another!

Yes!! Wooohoooo!!! I swirled around the room with the word cradled in my arms!! Finally he was revealing HIS huge enormous incredible lesson!!!
Oh Dear Lord- I will be finding the center of sooo many things!! (grinning)

Art reflects life…Life reflects art.

I am finding the center of me.

I am becoming grounded and whole. My circle is a 3 dimensional sphere- suspended in a non gravitational space of the mother cube….

I am working on me. Honoring the work. Growing ev-ver-ry day! 

Soaring beside you!! God knows I love you all!
The art I created just for the blog…Enjoy!!!

I hope you find the center of you!

BlacksmitHERS - Woooohooooooo!!!!!

Images from www.blacksmithers.com
I just played around in photoshop with them.
Calling all women who want to learn how to forge metal- make metal jewelry- work with all sorts of metal-small- medium up to industrial strength!!!!

(Sorry men- I am spreading my wings- and standing straight and tall - and excluding you from this event.)

Have you seen yourself hammering away at metal- making incredible wild spiral swirling magical art?!

Well come on babe girl!! I got some women you got to meet!! 

First BlacksmitHER is Victoria and she runs an educational service for women. I was asking her how to do a certain thing with a circle triangle and low and behold- SHE made a video and showed me how!! I am blown away by her abilities!!!

Then Payne Anne Chassen started up this incredible facebook group- JUST for BlacksmitHERS!! It is called Angels and Anvils!! It is especially for women interested in welding and forging meta;!

I am soooo excited to find these women!! We have a tribe of  strong metal wild women!! AND NOW IS THE TIME to step up and become what you have always wanted to become. (Dancing about the room- grinning like a fool!)

You want to become strong? Yep!!! I know you do!! (grinning) So lets join forces!! 

Start here at this link: BlackSmitHers.com
And this link


And these videos!

Then message Payne on facebook- and tell her you want to learn more!! Join Angels and Anvils!! A glorious group!! Here is the Angel and Anvil link:

How does one start? You ask questions… You search all over God's creation and you find the coolest women on the planet!!

Thank you Valerie Ostenak for connecting me (hugging and squeezing you tight) !!! 


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Indomitable Kintsukuroi

Original art -created by Judith Parsons Art
The colorful panels are glass, manipulated in photoshop.
The art was inspired by Deepak Chopra. Those are his words. Though I have lived by my version: "Persistence is Omnipotence"

I am finding that place of "nothing is impossible!" I am learning to weave the carbon fiber robe- creating the priest art robe, becoming REAL enough to slip my arms into it.

We learn from our mistakes. We learn soooo much from our glorious wonderful mistakes. Remember the blog called "Kintsukuroi" ? It was about the crack in the pottery vessel which is highlighted with gold.
It is an exquisite example of learning from our mistakes.

The only way to become better is keep moving through it. I do not have a clue what drives me, I wish I could bottle it and make a fortune! My spirit in indomitable. It has flown through storms you would not believe. But SHE keeps flying! She is one heck of a higher spirit!!

My higher spirit with her huge red hawk angel wings meets me upon a plateau every morning. She give me the biggest hug in the whole wide world! I am grinning form ear to ear and she assesses me. She sees through me. She smiles and sighs and raises her eyebrow at me and says: 
Soooo how are you growing?

And I laugh and tell her about my professors, and about the awesome friends in my life. She looks asks the hard question:
What is my sacred mission?

I have many sacred missions. (grinning) I want ART to heal. I want my friends who need healing to be able to access it. I want to have art healing centers all over the world! I want people who have worked their whole life to have a place to go where they can grow and become stronger with art.

She kisses me upon my forehead and replies: "And so you shall have it!" 

Note to self- 3 things to remember.

Persistence is Omnipotent



Woooohoooooo!!! Soaring beside you!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I had forgotten her.

Wood, glass and ceramic sculpture. 8 feet tall.
Created by Judith Parsons Art (me!)
I am going back through old art and tears roll down my cheek when I see this art.

I had forgotten her and forgotten my ex-husband who was so instrumental in helping me build it.

I forgot the parts of her, the wooden beaver sticks I collected along the river. I had forgotten the walks and the people that contributed to her.

The main support wood is drift wood from the gulf coast beach. It was the last family vacation my family had before the divorce.

I remember finding the long tree and picking it up and walking along the beach with my then, husband. I would like to think he liked the way I would collect drift wood from the beach to make art.

I hope he remembers me fondly. I miss him. I miss the people that helped me create this art. My children and old loves. I find it hard to give up on old loves, even if I am the one who walked away.

I gulp back the memories and sigh. If I had stayed I wouldn't be where I am now. I would not be in San Francisco creating NEW art work. I would not be securing my Masters in Fine Art!

I had forgotten the woman who made this. She (me) just created like a wild woman!! I like BIG art. I like art that makes an impression. And like my art- I too like to make an impression.

(smiling sigh) I would like to think one day I might see my old loves again. My old neighbors, my old friends and my ex. I would like to smile and hug them- and hold them for 60 seconds. No, I wouldn't creep back into your life or disrupt it- or make any one jealous.
I just believe in LOVE enough to believe we can be friends.

I miss you.

I had missed me.

Enjoying the journey along the way!!!
Keep singing sweet Love. Keep singing!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Art takes practice...Dear God it does!

I do not have a photo to show you today. (shaking head) Usually I create something digitally- I use photoshop and illustrator to create incredible graphics.

Today, I bow my head, I sigh a slow sigh to the REAL artist that use a pen, pencil, compass, and protractor to draw with. I am in awe of Mark A. Reynolds work.

I am blown away by how easy he makes doing his art work!!

Check out his web site: www.MarkAReynolds.com

It is simply astounding.

I had layers and layers of grid paper, tracing paper and tape I had angles going every which way. I now know- that I need lots and lots of practice.

I also know- when I have work that isn't going EXACTLY as I would like it to go. I get sort of bitchy. Okay. I do.

I need to practice-practice-practice! I will..I am. Sorry I haven't been blogging, I have been busy honoring the work.

Going to get back at it!!

Keep soaring Sweet Friends!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Light water art

Image from google images
Water and light. Water is a perfect mirror for light. When it is calm and serene and smooth the light sits upon the surface and becomes a mirror. It is a glorious meditation to approach a clear smooth body of water and peer over the edge to see yourself.

One of my first visual meditations involved looking at myself in the water. I was surprised when 3 of me looked back. One was intensely angry, with monster teeth and growling. The other two of me I didn't recognize. It was disturbing. Though it was very telling. I had lost who I was. The water was telling the truth.

We loose ourselves and find ourselves. We loose ourself in our mate or our jobs. There are many places to loose oneself. And then you find the higher you and are okay for a while. Then you loose yourself again. For me it is a continual cycle of becoming. Perhaps the analogy of 5 steps up and 2 steps back might make more sense. 

There is a divine serene peace in accepting the cycle of  finding and loosing of ones self. Knowing that we ebb and flow like the tides is a huge step in enlightenment.

I am happy to report when I look into the water now I see me. The truest part of me. The creator and artist and wild warrior wolfie woman. (smiling)

I see the woman who taught swimming, who used to scuba dive, sailed and loved laying upon the bottom of the pool. I never claimed to breathe out of my ears. It never occurred to me that it was a possibility. (grinning) I found other mermaids (waving- you know who you are) and we connected under water.

There are so many ways to connect and become apart of another. We are both watery light and dancing bubbles. We are art that is deep and intense. We are passion moving water!

Water and light. Two incredible elements to find oneself reflected in. The light is fluid. It has a pulsating rhythm that captivates. It is a magic all its own.

I will find you under water today- free swimming…like flying- but underwater.
Love you all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The opposite of a black hole!

Original art created by One of a kind
Judith Parsons 2014
Triangle, eclipse and diamonds.

I was working with Mark A Reynolds dimensions. I started out drawing his scale reduction which looked like a architectural rendering. The upper left hand corner was the vanishing point. And the triangle stepped back and reduced in size proportionally.

I started with my pen tool in photoshop, tracing his paths. Trying to copy the masters work, isn't that what ALL artist do?

We copy the best we know. We try and see what they see. And then the MAGNIFICENT MUSE steps in and the rendering takes on its own life.

The question has always been -is there a quicker- or better way to do this? So I start duplicating layers and rotating and transforming and "PLAYING" with form.

I did not plan to render this. (Laughing) In fact-  I had stairs and steps in mind. (grinning) However, the muse didn't want to trudge up the swirling steps and stairs. Nope. She wanted wings and she wanted the wealth of the diamond shape and she wanted the eternity of the trinity shape.

She- the artist muse- the higher me- the playful photoshop queen- SHE stepped forward and created this.

We have all heard the saying: "She couldn't see the forest for the trees." When you are in the middle of something- it is hard to be objective. We have all looked at a past situation and said: "If I had only known this or that." 

I think that is why I speak about my art- and myself the way I do. I step out of what I am creating and try my best to "SEE" the magical process. I try my best to get out of the way and let the art come forth. Yes, art is its own entity. Art is CREATION itself. 

An ah-ha moment: Creation is art. Art is creation. Creation would be the opposite of a black hole!!

Art is a light force that is the PUREST birthing of itself. Over and over again we change and morph and create.
ISN"T that life?
LIFE is constantly evolving- changing- every second in and of itself is different! Even if we didn't move at all- if we sat holding our breath- the earth rotates and we are not in the same place as we were a second ago.

Go make something today- create- copy and change something. I swear you will laugh at your process- you will smile at the doing as the muse- as your higher self steps in to transform you.

Soaring beside you.

As usual - the muse stepped in- so I have not a clue what the heck this says. (grinning) Just kidding.
I love you all.

I appreciate your continued love and support!  I am amazed anybody reads this. Every now and again- someone comments. (laughing) Oh well…It is for the muse. SHE is an incredible clever woman!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The thorn and the rose!

The other day I was reading poetry in one of my favorite groups. The topic was flowers. And someone was writing about all the dead roses, where do they go. And it brought to mind the Bette Middler song: The Rose. 

The rose goes dormant in the winter. The dead blooms of the rose lay in the dirt- they compost, they rot and then take root. Life is amazing how it is continually trying to PERSIST.

It is human nature to keep living! It is the way of the plants. 

I love the rose! It is magnificent the way it blossoms and keeps blossoming. In order to keep the plant in its tip top producing state- one must prune and cut off the dead flowers. 

There is a photo here of a rose bush that needs "dead heading". Thats the term for cutting away the old dead flowers.

I love that the rose has thorns. I truly do! What a glorious plant. It gives us a magnificent flower- yet it says- to get to this incredible rose you must be careful. Handle with care. Be aware of your touch, where your hands are- what those fingers are caressing.

I have thorns. Yep, I admit, I can be a total "B"…and yet I have gorgeous flowers every now and again. I want someone brave enough to help keep me pruned and in shape. In reality- I know I have to do my own pruning. Isn't that the big trick? The big joke- we look for someone else to fix us.

Yeah we do. It takes work to keep yourself in shape. You got to cut off the dead parts every few days. 

I took a bunch of cuttings off some rose bushes this summer! (Waving at Anita) I planted them and Anita is watering them and we hope to have some baby rose plants to plant in the summer next year.

I think about those dead heads- which are seeds- laying dormant. I imagine them snuggled in the rich dark soil (soul) of God's earth…waiting to be born again.
I imagine the dark warm earth cradling the seeds- everything in its time. I imagine them sprouting and becoming strong tall plants- with lovely strong roots. 
I smile as I imagine the rose plants peaking (peeking) up from the dirt- there first taste of sunshine upon them….

It makes me want to cry- the simple thought of roses being born. Roses = Art!

We are roses- all of us. We need to grow and blossom. I tell you what--I will help prune you--if you help prune me. (grinning) Is it a deal?

We are making it! We are glorious!!

Inhaling the fragrance of you!! I love you all!

Sacred Geometry--its everywhere

Photo by Judith Parsons 2014
On Montgomery Street-San Francisco
I love life!

I love art!

I love walking down the street and seeing this!
Sacred geometry!

Mark Reynolds says the square is the "Mother of all shapes" When we half the square or quarter it-we put a minus sign and a plus sign into it.

Then the triangle. The glor-r-r-rious triangle.

The 3. The trinity!

Everybody knows things come in 3's.
I am going to ramble on..not even edit. I can see my professional writer friends cringe (waving) Sorry Loves!

The square is the earth, the circle represents the heavens. The in between is the octagon. That joins the earth and the heavens. The triangle also connects the heavens and earth.

The trinity is the ultimate  shape. One can not have a table top supported by 2 legs. The table CAN be supported with 3 legs- in that shape.

The truth of the 3 comes into play if someone is ill and needs to be carried someplace. One person can drag a person or even carry a person. However 2 people can carry someone much further than one person can.

I believe we need to have 2 essential friends in our life- JUST for that reason. (smiling)

The trinity- the father, son and holy ghost. The past, present and future. The body, mind and spirit.
Two triangles make a square.

Just rambling..Just blah blah blah...no points to be made...That is all.

Sing- Shine- Smile- and SOAR! (4S)

Laugh, love, light, let touches linger and LEARN!!! (L5)

Judith Parsons Art

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tiramisu ART!

Art created especially for this blog by Judith Parosons 2014
Life has moved up a floor upon the realm of enlightenment. Instead of deciding to eat a can of beans for lunch I decided to indulge and have tiramisu. A glorious desert that was made by a MASTER in his craft in San Francisco!!

It truly is HEAVEN upon earth! The bakery is astounding! Everything I have tasted here is DIVINE! Its the sort of experience that we wish sex was! (grinning) It touches your lips and your eyes roll up in your head in wondrous exclamation!! Woooohooo!!!

THIS is what life is about. Experience life FULLY! Make artist type passionate decisions. Anybody can make passionate decisions. However, when we add the element of "art" to the equation, all of a sudden it takes on a certain= titillating tingling excitement! (grinning)

Maybe it is just me. Okay, okay, okay- I admit it is just me…Your crazy wild woman artist that believes we ALL should slip into a silky artist robe and become as artsy as we possibly can!!! (grinning) 
I mean really sweet Luvs- LIFE is to be LIVED!! Let us dance today…may we sashay and swirl about the room- may we play jazzy music that makes us grin and think wonderful naughty delicious tiramisu artist thoughts!!!

Wooohooooo!!! Life is art- art is life!!

Soaring- smiling- shining beside you!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Noble vision!!!

Created by Judith Parsons 2014
I love Professor Noble. (smiling-waving) As we sculpt we talk and discover ourselves as artist! Today the topic ranged from leaving home to follow our dreams as artist. We talked about our lofty goals as an artist and about what we spent our summer doing. We got all teary eyed as each of us talked about why we were doing what we were doing.

All of us, in the portrait sculpting class have left home to begin our journey as artist. We had all left what was familiar to seek our dreams. We were all on a quest to fulfill our dream.

Let that sink in. (smiling sighing) Not a lot of people have the courage to follow their passion. I don't mean to sound all ego-y but we have back bones of steel to do this. Sorry- got off track..back to today.

We had a slide show presentation, a history of famous busts. We looked at what made the sculpture good…was it doing its job. Why and why not. 

There was one particular terra cota piece by Rodin that we discussed. It was a man's face that was so realistic that he looked like he was about to start talking. It was a glorious example of capturing the realness of someone's energy.

I look forward to improving my skills as a sculptress. THIS is the ultimate challenge, to capture the look, to see the essence of someones soul and convey it in clay.

The trick is to look. Really look. Take apart the planes. See beyond the surface, see how one place connects to the other. Oh- and create many many many sculptures so that it becomes second nature!!

Having said all that- my first day sculpting was ugh. I sure as hell hope it gets better,

This is my vision.

Lawrence said the words I created an image for. He is a very wise man. If you have children considering art school, call him- talk to him. He knows "vision".

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Truths ...hmmmmm

art created especially for this blog-
by the wonderful artist- Judith Parsons 2014
Truth is a funny animal. It seems to shift shape in front of your eyes. And depending upon who in the room is viewing it- every single person will have his/her own version.

It is what it is.

Many moons ago I took a middle eastern philosophy class. The main life changing statement was simple. A memory can not stay pure. Every time we bring it to the surface of our minds we change it. We change it positively or negatively …we can't help it. It is what we do.

It is up to you to decide from now on- your truth. See it in the best light.

Wrap it in the arms of love and learn from it. Kiss it upon its forehead and lay her down upon the soft sandy river banks in your mind.

Know you did the best you could. Relax. Rest. 

Tomorrow is a brand new glorious day!!! Thank the dear Lord for Love!! (pulling you into me) Stop worrying…dance hon..let me guide you around the dance floor of life…we are learning…God knows we are!

San Francisco!!!

Title: Transamerican San Francisco Sunflower!!
By Judith Parsons
Email: judithparsonsart@gmail.com
if prints desired

The sun was setting...the light was gorgeous! I picked up my camera and snapped a few photos.
After sacred geometry class...I thought---"Ah-ha..the perfect sunflower!!"

This is original art created by Judith Parsons art.

The photo was taken by Judith Parsons and transformed in Photoshop! 

Have a blessed day!!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Talk to me

I am just RAMBLING..I admit I might not make sense...However- with that disclaimer- my fingers are moving a million miles an hour...and I am just ramblin on and on...

I have no image for you to see. I will try my best to paint it in words. I needed a document notarized today- with 2 witnesses. ( sighing) I didn't really know what it meant. However, I saw the "notary" label upon the window and walked into the shop.

Could he do it? SURE! But, ummm we needed witnesses...Hmmmm....Well...um..I KNOW no body. I mean --I really didn't know any one in town that I could ask- on a whim -who could do this...THIS sort of thing required planning...It required asking people you KNOW--to come into a place..make time..just to sign a paper...Dear God...Hasn't time evolved???

Isn't there a better system? Like a video cam? A witness God? That says..."Great...So that signatures..move on" Papers filed!!

Sooooo..What was I to do. I really was in a fix. I asked the guy- the notary-"Um-can you sign it? And I go fine some peeps." He said;"Hell no. I dont want to go to jail."
Wow! You go dude...I was amazed- there are law abiding folks here in San Fran!

Soooo--a couple walks in... Immediately I can tell the dynamics of the couple. She is bossing the husband around, telling him the fetch this and that. She has red hair- it is really short- and she is very bossy. The man is quiet- sad- pitiful in his demeanor. He say: "I have to read it" I say, "Sure."
They glance at it and the woman says: "I am not comfortable signing it."


In that moment a million lightning bolts rained into her. I sighed and thought- hm..may karma- bite you in the ass. I gathered my papers and wished them all a good day..."Have a blessed day."

I walked away with a BIG lesson- Someone can say those words and it is okay.
I admit- I WAS angry...but I have never said those words.
I have never ever said -No
I was always the nice nice ice girl...

I can say no now.
I can say : "I am not comfortable with that!!!!"

I want an A! --Okay! I have said it--teach me how to acquire an A dog gone it!!
You are a teacher- tell me!!!!

I need to know how to LOVE you!! Tell me..mold me - make me - help shape me into a comfortable US forever...

GOD! Communicate!! please use your loving voice..talk to me!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get the BEST of the SUN!

Photo of clothes line from google images.
Composition by Judith Parsons Art
I love the phrase: "Get the BEST of the Sun!"

It is what one has to do when one is counting on using the sun to dry clothing.

It makes me smile when I say it! It is a glorious way to think about utilizing your day. I needed to wash a few things in my sink, I did not want to run down the street and take an entire load of laundry to be washed. 

These chores have to be planned. I figured a few hours soaking in the soapy water would dislodge any stains needing to be removed. And I wanted to awaken and put the clothes in the make shift wash early enough so I could "Get the Best of the sun" later on to dry my clothes before the fog rolled in.

There was a moment- when I was kneeling beside the bath tub that my soul connected with all the other women's souls that had done what I was doing. My knees were upon the cold tile, and my left foot started cramping.I started chuckling as my foot continued to cramp…I started turning my foot around and around, then tucked my toes under to stop it from cramping. It didn't work.

How many other women have washed their under garments in the sink? Ka-trillions I imagine.

I inhale deeply when I say : "Get the Best of the Sun!" (smiling)

This summer I was hanging clothes upon the line- in Ireland and it became a serene task. (Waving at Anita) When I first arrived in Ireland I would rush out and assist on helping her hang out the clothes. Then I wanted to be a bit selfish. Sounds a little crazy I know. However, I wanted to do it in slow motion so I could memorize the sensations. (grinning)

(gulping) I miss the simplicity of Ireland, I am blinking back tears- thinking of it. (sighing) The city is where I hang my wet garments now. Someone was nice enough to place a bar outside my window which makes hanging clothes perfect. I am a perfect China town resident- doing what they do!

We all have chores to do. We all have tasks that need to be done. These tasks can be done with a light heart. I love to shake my hips and do my little dancing as I do my wash. 

I am blessed! God knows LIFE is incredible--I make sure I "get the best of the sun!!!"

Keep soaring and shining in the light. Keep loving full blast. Let the lovely memories make you linger. Slow down and smile…and know I am smiling too!

I love you!!

(P.S.- I am posting my blog early. I start class tomorrow!!! Wooohoooo!!! Sacred geometry!!)

Woooohooo! Riding the energy!

I have a huge confession!! I find it hard to relax! I am DRIVEN! Okay- okay- okay…So you are thinking…
"Ummmm..thats a good thing- right?"

Well- I am not so sure its good. I don't stop. I just keep at it- day in and day out! My mind goes a million miles an hour- there are 5 fabulous art ideas always in my head…And I need to get into the pool and I need to create art and I need to do this and I need to do that…

It is like I am beating the hell out of the carpet- and life is the carpet.

I am surprised more people don't still beat carpet-just to keep in shape. Well- it is a dusty endeavor. The first whack is always the worse!! You have to know a wee bit about wind and to stay upwind so all the dust and dirt doesn't fly in your mouth. God! It always come back to the wind doesn't it?

Wow! That surprises me…how the wind is always a part of my writings. Okay back to the main point…


I am learning to be gentle with the carpet. To ride it, like Aladdin riding his magic carpet. The trick is enjoying the ride, learning to ride the energy and enjoy the view.

It is all a process!! When life is perfect it will be time to ride the magic carpet to the next realm.

Wooohooooo!! Riding the magic…enjoying the clear fresh breeze upon my face- no dirt and dust.

(Note to self) Relax...life is an adventure..go with the flow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Language.....Ooooooo Yummmmm

I love everything about these words. I stumbled across the quote and HAD to make it into art.

Language is a crucial aspect of art.

We sip the art, we observe it, we stare at it- we walk around it and hopefully we discuss it.

McLuhan said the famous quote: "The media is the message"

Ooooooo how far we have swung and are starting to swing back. The  cell phone has made everybody a photographer!

Everybody can take video.

However, only few know how to take those images and translate them into art. To edit and tweak and turn a blase' photo into something grand.

My daughter first is a illustrator and then an animator. I was first a graphic designer, painter then sculptress. We tend to fall back into what we know.

I have been playing with illustrator and photoshop. I want to learn after effects so the designs can have a more 3-dimensional feel.

Everything takes time. Everything is about honoring the work. Everything is about choices.

Use language today as art. Let the words flow like a dance!!

If you have nothing nice to say- then please- keep it to yourself.

Embrace the dance of language and art...Wooohooooo!! Life is something special!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Passion!!! Sept. 1st!

May the passionate winds of fall kiss you and caress you!!! May you smile knowing the seasons are changing once again!!

Happy first day of September! (grinning) Pulling you into a huge swaying hug!!!

Today is my sister Lynn's birthday. Happy Birthday sweet Lynn!!! (hugging you tight- squeezing with all my might) 

As a child growing up Lynn hated her birthdays. She pushed herself so hard all year long. She ran daily and she worked hard at her studies to become a nurse.
Then her birthday would come and she would use that day to evaluate the year. It was a day blustery wintery day for Lynn as a child. She saw all the things she had not yet accomplished. She always pushed herself hard- she always HONORED the work!!

It marked the turning of seasons for me. While it might have been a beautiful fall golden sunny day outside in Savannah, GA- inside the house was chilly, inside the bedroom I shared with my two sisters was horribly cold. I felt for Lynn and how much she wanted so early on. She is one passionate wild warrior woman! A fabulous sunshine to have on your side! 

Fall, the season for fires in the hearth! Ooooooo how I adore fire! Thank you Anita Boyle for lighting the fire while I visited it was a glorious event! I can't help but grin from ear to ear thinking of the cozy evening- snuggled upon the sofa! Thank you Dear!

I am a child of fire and water! I am the extremes in life. I shake my head at my own crazy discovery. I apologize if you are a friend, it must be hard for you to follow my mind….I am ev-verrr-rrrry where! I make a decision and change it ten times a day.


I think of Virginia Woolf often. I love the way she weave's magic with her words, she flew extremely high in her realm of intellectual transcendence. I love the way she thinks- the way she weaves words of magic- spinning her loom of lovely luscious lively words.

I am finding myself here in San Francisco! I am discovering the map to me! The words and the art are complicated. I am not easy to hold on to…I am one of those parachute kites…OooooI must go fine a photograph to illustrate me…I will doctor it up in photoshop…playing and becoming me…

It is all about the passion! The adventure…Even in the darkest hour we can ride that black tsunami of hell!!! We can imagine our feet latched upon a light surf board and we have the wind that is CONSTANT..and we can ride it babe…we can ride that wave of energy!!

The art was created using 2 photos from google images. One the kite surfing dude and the other a photo of Virginia Woolf. I played with the images- changing them to suit me. The words upon the image are Virginia Woolf's.

May you have a glorious first day of September, before you know it everything will be pumpkin spiced!! Wooohooooo!!! Ooooh I love the fall season!!!