Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get the BEST of the SUN!

Photo of clothes line from google images.
Composition by Judith Parsons Art
I love the phrase: "Get the BEST of the Sun!"

It is what one has to do when one is counting on using the sun to dry clothing.

It makes me smile when I say it! It is a glorious way to think about utilizing your day. I needed to wash a few things in my sink, I did not want to run down the street and take an entire load of laundry to be washed. 

These chores have to be planned. I figured a few hours soaking in the soapy water would dislodge any stains needing to be removed. And I wanted to awaken and put the clothes in the make shift wash early enough so I could "Get the Best of the sun" later on to dry my clothes before the fog rolled in.

There was a moment- when I was kneeling beside the bath tub that my soul connected with all the other women's souls that had done what I was doing. My knees were upon the cold tile, and my left foot started cramping.I started chuckling as my foot continued to cramp…I started turning my foot around and around, then tucked my toes under to stop it from cramping. It didn't work.

How many other women have washed their under garments in the sink? Ka-trillions I imagine.

I inhale deeply when I say : "Get the Best of the Sun!" (smiling)

This summer I was hanging clothes upon the line- in Ireland and it became a serene task. (Waving at Anita) When I first arrived in Ireland I would rush out and assist on helping her hang out the clothes. Then I wanted to be a bit selfish. Sounds a little crazy I know. However, I wanted to do it in slow motion so I could memorize the sensations. (grinning)

(gulping) I miss the simplicity of Ireland, I am blinking back tears- thinking of it. (sighing) The city is where I hang my wet garments now. Someone was nice enough to place a bar outside my window which makes hanging clothes perfect. I am a perfect China town resident- doing what they do!

We all have chores to do. We all have tasks that need to be done. These tasks can be done with a light heart. I love to shake my hips and do my little dancing as I do my wash. 

I am blessed! God knows LIFE is incredible--I make sure I "get the best of the sun!!!"

Keep soaring and shining in the light. Keep loving full blast. Let the lovely memories make you linger. Slow down and smile…and know I am smiling too!

I love you!!

(P.S.- I am posting my blog early. I start class tomorrow!!! Wooohoooo!!! Sacred geometry!!)

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