Sunday, September 21, 2014

Art takes practice...Dear God it does!

I do not have a photo to show you today. (shaking head) Usually I create something digitally- I use photoshop and illustrator to create incredible graphics.

Today, I bow my head, I sigh a slow sigh to the REAL artist that use a pen, pencil, compass, and protractor to draw with. I am in awe of Mark A. Reynolds work.

I am blown away by how easy he makes doing his art work!!

Check out his web site:

It is simply astounding.

I had layers and layers of grid paper, tracing paper and tape I had angles going every which way. I now know- that I need lots and lots of practice.

I also know- when I have work that isn't going EXACTLY as I would like it to go. I get sort of bitchy. Okay. I do.

I need to practice-practice-practice! I will..I am. Sorry I haven't been blogging, I have been busy honoring the work.

Going to get back at it!!

Keep soaring Sweet Friends!!

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