Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sacred Geometry--its everywhere

Photo by Judith Parsons 2014
On Montgomery Street-San Francisco
I love life!

I love art!

I love walking down the street and seeing this!
Sacred geometry!

Mark Reynolds says the square is the "Mother of all shapes" When we half the square or quarter it-we put a minus sign and a plus sign into it.

Then the triangle. The glor-r-r-rious triangle.

The 3. The trinity!

Everybody knows things come in 3's.
I am going to ramble on..not even edit. I can see my professional writer friends cringe (waving) Sorry Loves!

The square is the earth, the circle represents the heavens. The in between is the octagon. That joins the earth and the heavens. The triangle also connects the heavens and earth.

The trinity is the ultimate  shape. One can not have a table top supported by 2 legs. The table CAN be supported with 3 legs- in that shape.

The truth of the 3 comes into play if someone is ill and needs to be carried someplace. One person can drag a person or even carry a person. However 2 people can carry someone much further than one person can.

I believe we need to have 2 essential friends in our life- JUST for that reason. (smiling)

The trinity- the father, son and holy ghost. The past, present and future. The body, mind and spirit.
Two triangles make a square.

Just rambling..Just blah blah blah...no points to be made...That is all.

Sing- Shine- Smile- and SOAR! (4S)

Laugh, love, light, let touches linger and LEARN!!! (L5)

Judith Parsons Art

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