Sunday, September 28, 2014

Between Asleep and Awake

Art created escpecially for this blog! Original art
by Judith Parsons Art 2014. Do not use without
Trinity- between asleep and awake- (and singing)

(I am rambling half asleep and you know me- I rarely edit my words..THIS is just rambling..writing and I needed to spew these words down - so if you are a stickler for perfect grammar or structure of words---
Go read something else.)

Everything is as it should be.

I am convinced that what you think and spend time doing will eventually creep into your life. I spent a lot of time watching the "Survivor" show on television. It was a few years back, however, the energy spent thinking about being without, sat in my mind manifesting itself into today.

I am getting through it..But I needed to get here..I needed to get to the bottom of me. So I could look all the way up the ladder out of this hole- and see the ladder going into the cosmos!!

We all know the idea of "the power of thought"..the whole notion that you are what you think. It is the self-fulfilling prophecy bumped up a few notches. PERHAPS it just takes a while for "what you think" to finally manifest itself into reality.

Be patient, be diligent, persevere and all the pieces of the puzzle start MAGICALLY falling into place.

I kid you not. It is amazing really to experience the "connectedness" of ev-ver-ry thing!! (Smiling)

The trick is honoring the work. Or it is for me.

I am stunned by the synchronicity of Life.

ALL of my incredible thoughts come to me between asleep and awake. For me, the time is sacred!!!

THAT time IS my GOD time. That time is when passion whispers against my ear and says: "Honey- here is another incredible idea!" And I awaken and ACT upon it.

I am preparing a paper for Sacred Geometry and every day I add to it. The Trinity is the ULTIMATE shape- the triangle!!

The triangle is sooo much!
It is the space between asleep and awake.
It is the past- present and future.
It is the body-mind and spirit.
It is the JOURNEY- between being born and death.
The triangle is the race we are ALL on..but the joke don't have to run! You can be the turtle! You can enjoy the journey...

Please, please, please...HAVE 2 good friends in life! So if you do stumble and fall. As sometimes we do. THEY will be beside you to help pick you up and dust you off.

Keep soaring sweet Luvs!!

The illustration beside these words- was created using the primary colors and the checker black and white section. When the 3 oval shapes are overlapped they create an incredible triangle in the center. 

Keep soaring…shining…smiling and most of all singing. 

SINGING is an incredible healing process…Sing babe sing!!

THIS rambling brought to you by the "between singing artist".

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