Friday, September 26, 2014

Metal fireworks

Metal fireworks

Today was a glorious day to transcend a few steps up, toward metal enlightenment. It will take an entire semester to feel comfortable with all the machines that assist in the welding process.

Oxy-acet, big, mic, plasma cutter and forge. Today I worked with thin steel, cutting it and then welding it back together. Metal warps when it gets heated. (sighing) I am not exactly sure how to combat this issue. However, with time I will figure it out.

Today I learned about the moistness of metal. Yep. Who knew-right? (eye-brows raised- shrugging shoulders) I had no clue. The professor was very patient with me- as he showed me a few times how the metal turns orange and the metal rod melts and runs toward the heat.

As my wise professor, John Fick said: "You have to control the heat." For me it was becoming comfortable with the heat. I stayed with it. I stayed on for the workshop so I could really practice becoming one with the puddle.

(smiling- sighing) I did it. I became aware of that exact point- where the stream of moist metal meets the rod that holds the two pieces of metal together.

Metal is amazing.

I am tired- exhausted even. However- it is a GOOD tired!! A tired that says- I honored the work! I learned something new because I would not quit.

Face your fears. Do what you love. (Pushing you toward your fears) They want you to at least try.

WhewWeeeee…I am a tired little welder…Night night Loves!

Make memories!!

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