Monday, September 8, 2014

Noble vision!!!

Created by Judith Parsons 2014
I love Professor Noble. (smiling-waving) As we sculpt we talk and discover ourselves as artist! Today the topic ranged from leaving home to follow our dreams as artist. We talked about our lofty goals as an artist and about what we spent our summer doing. We got all teary eyed as each of us talked about why we were doing what we were doing.

All of us, in the portrait sculpting class have left home to begin our journey as artist. We had all left what was familiar to seek our dreams. We were all on a quest to fulfill our dream.

Let that sink in. (smiling sighing) Not a lot of people have the courage to follow their passion. I don't mean to sound all ego-y but we have back bones of steel to do this. Sorry- got off track..back to today.

We had a slide show presentation, a history of famous busts. We looked at what made the sculpture good…was it doing its job. Why and why not. 

There was one particular terra cota piece by Rodin that we discussed. It was a man's face that was so realistic that he looked like he was about to start talking. It was a glorious example of capturing the realness of someone's energy.

I look forward to improving my skills as a sculptress. THIS is the ultimate challenge, to capture the look, to see the essence of someones soul and convey it in clay.

The trick is to look. Really look. Take apart the planes. See beyond the surface, see how one place connects to the other. Oh- and create many many many sculptures so that it becomes second nature!!

Having said all that- my first day sculpting was ugh. I sure as hell hope it gets better,

This is my vision.

Lawrence said the words I created an image for. He is a very wise man. If you have children considering art school, call him- talk to him. He knows "vision".

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