Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tiramisu ART!

Art created especially for this blog by Judith Parosons 2014
Life has moved up a floor upon the realm of enlightenment. Instead of deciding to eat a can of beans for lunch I decided to indulge and have tiramisu. A glorious desert that was made by a MASTER in his craft in San Francisco!!

It truly is HEAVEN upon earth! The bakery is astounding! Everything I have tasted here is DIVINE! Its the sort of experience that we wish sex was! (grinning) It touches your lips and your eyes roll up in your head in wondrous exclamation!! Woooohooo!!!

THIS is what life is about. Experience life FULLY! Make artist type passionate decisions. Anybody can make passionate decisions. However, when we add the element of "art" to the equation, all of a sudden it takes on a certain= titillating tingling excitement! (grinning)

Maybe it is just me. Okay, okay, okay- I admit it is just me…Your crazy wild woman artist that believes we ALL should slip into a silky artist robe and become as artsy as we possibly can!!! (grinning) 
I mean really sweet Luvs- LIFE is to be LIVED!! Let us dance today…may we sashay and swirl about the room- may we play jazzy music that makes us grin and think wonderful naughty delicious tiramisu artist thoughts!!!

Wooohooooo!!! Life is art- art is life!!

Soaring- smiling- shining beside you!

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