Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Language.....Ooooooo Yummmmm

I love everything about these words. I stumbled across the quote and HAD to make it into art.

Language is a crucial aspect of art.

We sip the art, we observe it, we stare at it- we walk around it and hopefully we discuss it.

McLuhan said the famous quote: "The media is the message"

Ooooooo how far we have swung and are starting to swing back. The  cell phone has made everybody a photographer!

Everybody can take video.

However, only few know how to take those images and translate them into art. To edit and tweak and turn a blase' photo into something grand.

My daughter first is a illustrator and then an animator. I was first a graphic designer, painter then sculptress. We tend to fall back into what we know.

I have been playing with illustrator and photoshop. I want to learn after effects so the designs can have a more 3-dimensional feel.

Everything takes time. Everything is about honoring the work. Everything is about choices.

Use language today as art. Let the words flow like a dance!!

If you have nothing nice to say- then please- keep it to yourself.

Embrace the dance of language and art...Wooohooooo!! Life is something special!