Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I had forgotten her.

Wood, glass and ceramic sculpture. 8 feet tall.
Created by Judith Parsons Art (me!)
I am going back through old art and tears roll down my cheek when I see this art.

I had forgotten her and forgotten my ex-husband who was so instrumental in helping me build it.

I forgot the parts of her, the wooden beaver sticks I collected along the river. I had forgotten the walks and the people that contributed to her.

The main support wood is drift wood from the gulf coast beach. It was the last family vacation my family had before the divorce.

I remember finding the long tree and picking it up and walking along the beach with my then, husband. I would like to think he liked the way I would collect drift wood from the beach to make art.

I hope he remembers me fondly. I miss him. I miss the people that helped me create this art. My children and old loves. I find it hard to give up on old loves, even if I am the one who walked away.

I gulp back the memories and sigh. If I had stayed I wouldn't be where I am now. I would not be in San Francisco creating NEW art work. I would not be securing my Masters in Fine Art!

I had forgotten the woman who made this. She (me) just created like a wild woman!! I like BIG art. I like art that makes an impression. And like my art- I too like to make an impression.

(smiling sigh) I would like to think one day I might see my old loves again. My old neighbors, my old friends and my ex. I would like to smile and hug them- and hold them for 60 seconds. No, I wouldn't creep back into your life or disrupt it- or make any one jealous.
I just believe in LOVE enough to believe we can be friends.

I miss you.

I had missed me.

Enjoying the journey along the way!!!
Keep singing sweet Love. Keep singing!

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