Saturday, September 6, 2014

Talk to me

I am just RAMBLING..I admit I might not make sense...However- with that disclaimer- my fingers are moving a million miles an hour...and I am just ramblin on and on...

I have no image for you to see. I will try my best to paint it in words. I needed a document notarized today- with 2 witnesses. ( sighing) I didn't really know what it meant. However, I saw the "notary" label upon the window and walked into the shop.

Could he do it? SURE! But, ummm we needed KNOW no body. I mean --I really didn't know any one in town that I could ask- on a whim -who could do this...THIS sort of thing required planning...It required asking people you KNOW--to come into a place..make time..just to sign a paper...Dear God...Hasn't time evolved???

Isn't there a better system? Like a video cam? A witness God? That says..."Great...So that signatures..move on" Papers filed!!

Sooooo..What was I to do. I really was in a fix. I asked the guy- the notary-"Um-can you sign it? And I go fine some peeps." He said;"Hell no. I dont want to go to jail."
Wow! You go dude...I was amazed- there are law abiding folks here in San Fran!

Soooo--a couple walks in... Immediately I can tell the dynamics of the couple. She is bossing the husband around, telling him the fetch this and that. She has red hair- it is really short- and she is very bossy. The man is quiet- sad- pitiful in his demeanor. He say: "I have to read it" I say, "Sure."
They glance at it and the woman says: "I am not comfortable signing it."


In that moment a million lightning bolts rained into her. I sighed and thought- hm..may karma- bite you in the ass. I gathered my papers and wished them all a good day..."Have a blessed day."

I walked away with a BIG lesson- Someone can say those words and it is okay.
I admit- I WAS angry...but I have never said those words.
I have never ever said -No
I was always the nice nice ice girl...

I can say no now.
I can say : "I am not comfortable with that!!!!"

I want an A! --Okay! I have said it--teach me how to acquire an A dog gone it!!
You are a teacher- tell me!!!!

I need to know how to LOVE you!! Tell me..mold me - make me - help shape me into a comfortable US forever...

GOD! Communicate!! please use your loving to me!!

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