Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Noble sculpting train

Original art created by a one-of-a kind artist,
Judith Parsons Art 2014
Taking a sculpture class with Lawrence Noble is a glorious experience!!!

Sure we learn all about using our tools, how to follow the planes of the face. To follow lines which magically beseech other lines to appear. However, talking with Lawrence about life and about his work and all that he has encountered is heaven upon earth.

The art I created today was about perseverance.  Lawrence made that statement.  What a glorious piece of advice. 

"Don't get off the train!!!!"

Graduate school is not for sissys. You have to show up for class, then show up after class and continue to show up - on your own time to practice what you have learned in class. It requires determination, strength and endurance.

I am looking forward to the point where sculpting art becomes easy. It isn't any where near easy now. And THAT is what makes us crazy in life. The LEARNING part is SUPPOSE to be hard. We want to learn in the blink of an eye, we want to have all the knowledge at once.

NOTE to self:  Learning is suppose to be hard. (Let that sink in.)

Can you imagine? Knowing everything at once. Learning builds slowly. Cognitive development builds upon previous knowledge. Ugh!! It is a constant ache to want to know it all!!
Heaven help me!! I want to know sooooo much!!! I want to learn to be a blacksmith, to work with glass, to work with clay, to work with metal!! Dear God, help me to learn it all!

Let me get back on track. (smiling) Don't get off the train...

We have to stumble, we have to fall, we have to keep going!!

We talked about the higher self, the angels that visit us and give us inspiration. We talked about collar bones and the beauty of the body. Ooooo the eyes, the eyes are glorious to sculpt!

Thank you Lawrence for showing up and teaching!! THANK you for being a shining light, that smiles and laughs with crazy middle aged students.

I will stay on the train, as long as you are the engineer driving it!!!

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