Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Complicated crazy!

Some might say deciding to go back to graduate school at the young age of 53 is idiotic. Obtaining the loans and incurring this debt is CRAZY.  (sighing) It is not lost upon me that I am making up for lost time.

I followed my husband with his military career all over the east and west coast of America, binding my time. Doing the mother role as best as possible with no roots and making friends along the way. I try to stay connected to friends. They are located in Boston, Virginia Beach, Louisiana, Tampa, Monterey, Portland, and even across the great pond.

Today with the technology of the internet and facebook, we are crossing cultural boundaries. We are writing poetry in groups and displaying and conveying our heart. We are not defined by race and skin color but by words and emotions written.

We are becoming an eclectic entity- we are using our OWN voice to write the art of our souls. The powerful money making machine can not contain us anymore…it can not write what we are as a culture…it can not constrain us upon “its” definition of who and what we are.

We are rapidly morphing and changing and transforming! For as many emotions as a woman has during one day- -we possess as a new non-traditional entity! As a social network we are lovely energy as large as that great pond- ebbing and flowing and intense then calm. We are everything and nothing! Isn’t it glorious?!?!

Perhaps I am crazy…and idiotic by  “their” definition to be returning to graduate school to become the sculptress I have always wanted to be. However, by my definition I am apart of all you.

I weave my art clay and metal and your whispers of love seep into me- and my art. I am in heaven, soaring with wings of light! I believe in a healing arts center! I believe in the power of love and light.

We are stronger to-get-her!

Wooohooooooooo!!! Life is grand!!

The latest art sculpture- the middle of her is pierced…the line…the horizon…her back is a throne… a complicated woman- indeed!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Noble art!

Creating art is my spiritual quest. Art is my Trinity.

Working with clay and bronze – has made me stronger, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When I feel stressed- when I feel over whelmed I run to the clay. When I am happy I run to the clay! I admit she is a patient medium. A perfect medium to create with. I created a scaffolding around the latest piece, and a throne and cross symbol form her back.

I admit I am no spring chicken. My hair is mostly white. I keep thinking I ought to be the spokesperson for retired persons-returning to college and starting your life over at 53! (smiling)

My back has become stronger. Last semester I would work late, 11 hours obsessing with creating. My back would spasm. Now, I work those same hours and can walk a mile home- stronger for my art.

I wear my heart upon my sleeve. Most artist I know are sensitive. One creates in that vulnerable space, “letting the spirit move them.” There are many times I go into the studio to work and create one thing-and something totally different desires to be born. If the emotional walls are calloused the art can not be born. Birthing are is energy being awakened- it is the genius of something coming from nothing.

The woman torso’s I am creating now- are NOT balanced. They seem to be growing…the more I create- the more centered the art is becoming. The more centered I am becoming in my life and love.

That seems to be how my breast plate series grew. The first breast plates were chuckling heavy thick pieces of clay. As I grew better at creating the art- the art became lighter.

Which brings me to the topic of light. Light is God to me. The sunrises and sunsets are God. Plain and simple. Even the full moons shining its magical light upon the silver waters are God. I will be incorporating light into my sculpture…I think. (laughing) One day I do this- the next day I do the opposite.

The art piece you see- the arch centered through the female torso- explains a lot of what I have just said. The torso rest upon a triangle- the Trinity.

Romans 9:20,21
But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, “Why did you make me like this?” Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common use?

I am not sure if my art is “noble”…The muse of the clay moves me- to create…I thank God every day for the clay- the way it has helped me grow. I am blessed.

This is heaven upon earth!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Making Bronze Love.

I am reading about the process of art and how it is collected to be placed into a museum. After creating a piece of bronze art this week I am in awe of the process.

There is much background work to creating using the lost wax technique. The pattern itself can be molded so that more than one piece of the art can be replicated.

There is a precise method to gating the wax so the bronze will pour correctly into the form and air is vented so the piece can be born "whole".

Then the aggregate and slurry is added. TEN LAYERS!!!

Then the piece is taken to the foundry to be poured- which in itself is an electrifying incredible process! It is dangerous and enlightening! It is scaring and fulfilling! It is akin to making mad crazy passionate love- it leaves you spent- sweaty-and totally jazzed and happy.

The process of the art is about half way done- the gating has to be removed- with arc welding equipment - all the dried aggregate and sand has to be sand blasted out and the bronze grinded down to its original pattern.

Then the final patina is added.

WhewWeeeeee!!! Art is not for sissys!!! It takes hard work!! And I bet- if the academia knew and tried to make their own piece of bronze- they would place the art into the museums!! Because they would have felt the birthing process- and been in awe....like I am with birthing bronze art!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LOVE is Pouring Bronze!!!

Love is pouring bronze.

Tonight my classmates and I poured bronze. It was an incredible AFFIRMING experience, it was hot and scary and you need physical strength to handle the weight of the birth.

Art reflects life- life reflects art!!!

God knows if there was ever a truer statement. Love and bronze both are for the courageous! To love and to pour bronze you need to be strong and brave! Creating bronze is not for the weak of heart.

If you want to pour bronze then you better get your butt to the gym lifting weights- cause picking up molten lava requires and demands physical strength. It is time for me to step up my weight training- and become stronger!

The professor wanted us all to release a spring and then pull it back into its locked position. One of the men in class said to me, (the only woman in the class) you will not be able to do it. I thought- “watch me” and yes it required strength. However, I did it. And I might add, one of the other men struggled with it a bit more than I did.

I love the attention required to create bronze. You have to FOCUS. You are so alive in the moment when that orange golden lava fills the mold. It is dangerous and intense. However, Lordy mercy - it is a satisfying incredible sensation to pour molten bronze!!! You want to LIVE?! Come take a class with Wayne Shaffer!!!! Wow!!! That man ROCKS!!!!

After class- we all were on the bus- on the way back down town and we were jazzed with energy!!! Welat (waving) pulled out a bag of cookies and we all pigged out and laughed! We planned that the next pour we would bring better refreshments! Every body was grinning and laughing- we were ALL riding the wave of love. Love for art- Love for bronze- Love for the making and creating of art!!! And love for one another! We WERE a team!!!

The process of making bronze is a work of art- it took many hours preparing the pattern and then creating the lost wax from and then covering the wax with many layers of aggregate and slurry. I will never ever question again- the cost of bronze art! I now know how labor intensive this art is!!

What a fabulous night –that I got to enjoy working alongside incredible artist!!! Wooohoooooo!

I am hanging with the REAL artist at art college. THESE ARE the ART MASTERS!!!

Come to San Francisco- and take an art class with me...I will have you Wooooohooooing in no time!!!

Love you all!!! Keep soaring!

©JudithParsonsArt 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

17 seconds

17 seconds is all you get to complain to me -a day -

I am doing you a favor. I am passing along something Oprah Winfrey said- she only allows herself 17 seconds a day to complain. Then she moves on.

There you go.


I was in a meeting where every one wanted to complain. However, no one wanted to  be a part of the solution.


It is a two way street in life.

You GET what you GIVE!!! (shall I shout that one!!!!)

You get back 100 fold! (its true!)

The consequences of not giving back- will result in one lonely little person.

Walk the talk- talk the walk! You can talk about it all day long- however- you need to move your rear end and start making your life Happen!!!

Love is an action verb. Do love!! not just say it.

Hug someone for 60 seconds a day. Let your shoulders relax- and sigh..It is a glorious thing to do!!

I love you all!! God knows I do!!! Soar sweet friends!!! Keep singing and dancing!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dragon Valentine!!!

Google image of Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco!!!
My love is fire breathing passionate Dragons! (grinning)

We are all sooooo connected. Today I got notes from all sorts of loves, one was about the Chinese New Year when the Western Valentine day- corresponds with the Chinese New Year.  My friend told me the last time it happened was 1919. (waving)

The Chinese word: “Love” –The heart inside- and the feelings. It means feeling and acceptance.
The Chinese character Love means: “You’ve to use your whole heart to Love.”

I live in China town in San Francisco- it is no accident. I have always loved the culture!!! My grandmother gave me a beautiful doll that I still have and treasure.

I completed a sculpture last semester that was a dragon- designed so glass could be melted inside of it. The inside of the dragon is glass- all the passionate red -fire colors!

Love is a magical thing. Sometimes I wonder if the memories of past pure loving sessions were real. I believe in the magic of love. I believe in the dancing dragon chasing away evil spirits. I believe in to-get-her. Love is an incredible "knowing".  

Everything I do now- is from that "Love" place. The art I do- the conversations I have- the people I love. It all comes down to this: (whispering) Treat people how you want to be treated.

I was about to preach about the Love being a verb thing. But, honestly- I am just the way you are. And I am working on walking the talk. Not just saying- I am going to do something- but following through with it.

I hope you have some one special to hold and snuggle cuddle cradle into. I wish for you to have love. I wish for all of us to have someone we can hug- stroke their back and sigh…

I shall be snuggling up to my clay. My love is far away. (smiling sigh)

Anita- Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you soooo much for loving me- for being patient with my artist temperament. I am sooooo blessed to have your love!!!

Keep singing and soaring…and sashaying to the sweet music of love!!! God knows life is incredible!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love the bones of you!

Yesterday was the kind of day to take something apart. You have to do that every now and again. Doubt it, question it, use the Kantian method to pull it apart so all that is left is the bones of it. I want to be secure in Love. I want relationships that are powerfully strong. 

Words are an incredible powerful entity. They dress us up and become this entity. The words become a person…Poetry in motion. When I write- the animation of words become the write.

The person named “Relationship” has the best of me- and the best of my love. We are two in one. My frame, our bones combine to create a magical mystical woman. Her magnificent eyes look at me- pleading for me to understand her. I see her in the mirror of my mind.

I can see my hands unbuttoned the clothing.- I unzip the body of  me… I pull off the muscles, I see them clearly now, the ecorche class coming to my rescue. Sculpture finds a purpose in writing. (grin)

Are the bones strong enough? Is the framework substantial enough to build upon?

It was that kind of a day yesterday. Questioning what a relationship is. And even more importantly what it is NOT. (sigh)

I torn it apart in my mind- I took the relationship down to the bare bones. Then I knocked the bones apart with the light sledgehammer of love and they flew all into the air- -then they fell gracefully into a house made of bones.

I walked into the house and there she stood, dressed in her Celtic attire, the belt I made for her she wore.  She stood in front of huge drums and had a femur bone in each hand.

When I walked inside she smiled and asked: “What took you so long.”
I laughed and kissed her on her high cheek bone cheek.

She handed me the bone and started drumming.. .and shaking her hips...and I joined in and we laughed and we made beautiful celtic music together!!!