Friday, February 21, 2014

Making Bronze Love.

I am reading about the process of art and how it is collected to be placed into a museum. After creating a piece of bronze art this week I am in awe of the process.

There is much background work to creating using the lost wax technique. The pattern itself can be molded so that more than one piece of the art can be replicated.

There is a precise method to gating the wax so the bronze will pour correctly into the form and air is vented so the piece can be born "whole".

Then the aggregate and slurry is added. TEN LAYERS!!!

Then the piece is taken to the foundry to be poured- which in itself is an electrifying incredible process! It is dangerous and enlightening! It is scaring and fulfilling! It is akin to making mad crazy passionate love- it leaves you spent- sweaty-and totally jazzed and happy.

The process of the art is about half way done- the gating has to be removed- with arc welding equipment - all the dried aggregate and sand has to be sand blasted out and the bronze grinded down to its original pattern.

Then the final patina is added.

WhewWeeeeee!!! Art is not for sissys!!! It takes hard work!! And I bet- if the academia knew and tried to make their own piece of bronze- they would place the art into the museums!! Because they would have felt the birthing process- and been in I am with birthing bronze art!!!

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