Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The eye of God...

When I came across the above post on a dear friends page (waving) I sighed...and KNEW I needed to confess something.
I dreamed something soooooo amazingly pure a few days back. It was a vision- it was an angel- it was an exquisite light. I felt that light whisper: "Everything is fine. Keep doing what you are doing- Your art and Reiki is your Grace."

Okay- I didn't hear those words exactly- but it was a feeling of peace. A feeling so serene---soooo divine- that I wanted to hold it close to my bosom.

I let it settle upon me..(whispering) I didn't want to tell anybody...until I saw the post up above....THEN I thought how selfish of me...How totally rude.

I went looking for this feeling of grace outside of my marriage- when I should have looked into my heart and in my art.

I went looking along the trails beside a river. I went looking in another's eyes. When I should have looked into my soul.

I made HUGE mistakes...God knows I stumbled and crawled along...I couldn't find GRACE-in my marriage- in the woods- in the river- or in another love... Then this dream happened and I KNEW, I was going to be fine.

Healing others--and we heal ourselves. Be patient with others- and we then can learn to be patient with our self. Loving others- then we learn to love our self.

I saw a shimmering shining water angel...and she assured me I was going to be fine.

The monk artist in me- wants to hug you all--and Thank you...especially you- Anita Boyle...for your exquisite Monk Love...and incredible healing. You showed me love...the most beautiful divine LOVE.

Wooohooooo!!! Unfurl those wings sweet Loves--Lets fly!!! Into the sun!!

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  1. Your insight and instincts are amazing. When I grow up I want to be like you!!!! Paddy