Friday, January 31, 2014

Wooohoooooooo!!! I have arrived!

It is all coming to-get-her.

I should have taken pictures for you. As I was doing INCREDIBLE art- I thought about you- my friend- reading this,  trying to understand what I was doing. I couldn’t stop the process, my hands were covered in vasaline, then plaster, then the chisel and hammer …and I couldn’t stop.

Art reflects life…life reflects art.

Before Christmas break I created a sculpture that was my torso. It had nice shaped breast and a fabulous bum. The nipples stood out as if it were cold. The back was arched and gloriously strong. I finally felt good about my art…I finally felt good about me.

I created me- then I poured a mold so that I might make art that really IS spectacular. I had to use a chisel and hammer to release the dried clay torso from its mold. Think about that for a minute. I was releasing the old me- breaking her apart- so that the new mold of me could be made. IF that isn’t transcending art. I do not know what is. The new me- has arrived!!!


I have come light years –transforming to a point where I now KNOW I am worth spending time and money on myself. I am one of those women who hardly does things for myself, my sisters (waving) get manicures or pedicures or facials. Me- nada. I am not sure why I never felt I was worth these things…but times they are a changing! (grinning)

I always purchased things second hand, or thought about having nice things- however never reached out and claimed them. I am RICH in that I know NOW, what I am about. I see my reflection out of the corner of my eye and am impressed with the straight back, the strength of my stride.
I like myself now. No, I Love myself now.

Every body says; “Love yourself” I even roll my own eyes at it, However, I love myself enough to treat myself like I would my loves. I am ready to treat myself as I treat my children. I have ALWAYS put them first. And now, I am ready to put myself right along beside them.

I walk into the coliseum of my mind, in a vest, with a special made collar, one that Candice Bergman would wear. (grinning) I have high waist black slacks on that flows easily as I walk. My stride is confident,  and my hands hold energy- balls of perfect light. I see a few friends that have been with me- through out this journey! I hug them and caress their face- looking deep into their eyes- seeing through them. When I have hugged my trusty Loves I turn to the “thinking men” who occupy the stadium of my mind.
They have been waiting along time for this. The thinking men rise from their slumber, they have missed me. (I have missed me) and they applaud and stomp their feet and cheer for me. I give them me, I swirl about in a glorious circle- swirling until the ball of energy in each hand grows to encompass the coliseum.
The light slams into the clay men turning them into magical men of light!!! They jump up and down and rush toward me- picking me up- throwing me in the air.
I am laughing as they carry me out …

They have finally gotten me

We are all to-get-her.
Wooohooooooo!!! We are all one!

I am sooooo in LOVE with LIFE!

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