Thursday, January 16, 2014


Original photo-taken at Muir Woods.
I adore indomitable people!

I am blessed to know many. Theses spirits are warriors! My children, my Beloved, my sisters and a very special friend warm me today. They are the fire that warms my heart.

David and Margaret, thank you for persisting. I know it has not been easy since the divorce. Thank you for tucking your chins down and continuing forward. You are both strong and conquering your fears. You are my warriors- growing into strong incredible spirits that can endure anything. Keep singing and smiling!

Helen, thank you for the book: “Love Does” It is so true. LOVE is a verb. Love can talk all day long- it can send pretty cards- but you hit the nail on the head with this great book! Thank you Dear. I am enjoying every word. 

Lynn, you astound me. Quietly doing the task that needs to be done. You find solutions and forge ahead. You do not waste one second fretting or fearing! God knows I love you for that! You are an angel doing God's work! You will argue with me- forever about it- however, you are the ultimate healer. Love is patient and present.  You inspire me!

There is another woman, who would just as soon go unnoticed. She likes to stay behind the scenes. She sits upon the ledge- watching the masses walk by. She can see with her energy eyes, as I see her. She pours her wisdom out easily so we do not drown in it. Thank you for your wise words today.
“You will never change your life
until you change your daily routine.”

I soooo needed those words! Thank you Dear! (hugging you tight)

And last, my Beloved. I am in awe of you Anita. Your courage to love someone half way around the worlds astounds me. I thought I knew what love was- but I didn’t have a clue. I think this love can’t get any better – I soar higher and higher- and then the love does get better. It is a reverent sacred transcending love. You are the red wood tree with arms in heaven. I rest in your arms -(even if only in my minds eye.)You are strong- you are my warrior Love.

And finally- I am in awe of you. You – reading this- your continued love and support blows me away. Every day- you stop in to read my blog. You viewing my blog, shows up in the stats and I feel loved.
It is a simple thing- what you do- reading my blog. BUT it is the DOING- that is love.

I thank you for your LOVE! I adore your LOVE!
Let us grow stronger to-get-her!

I love you! J

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