Wednesday, January 22, 2014

David shines!

My son, David sent me a video- which I am sharing with you.

When Dave was young. He would save incredible quotes and at Christmas give to me as a gift. I treasured those gifts above all else. He understands my love of words, he understands the wild and untamed side of me.

As an adult he sends me videos. We all have our alter egos and mine would be wearing leather and riding a polished chrome motorcycle. (smiling sigh) He knows that about me. He grew up always wanting to fulfill his own fantasies. 

He knows the artist in me. He knows how 'all or nothing' I am. He KNOWS- that the words below ARE exactly how I feel about my art and sculptures.

David shares the same glint- that passionate sparkle in his eye - that I have. When he is creating -watch out- step back and let the man BECOME.

Yep...I am very proud to introduce you to my son, David. A driven intelligent and very handsome young man...

Who knows- maybe one day- we will have a mother-son cross country run.( I promise I will paint cool designs upon the helmets- so you will know it is us.)

Keep soaring!!!

p.s.-Thank you David. You really know how to find incredible inspiring videos!!!
Below- are the words to the vid!
The Glint

There is light that never goes out
it dwells deep inside us...
giving us motivation and shaping our path
that light is the flicker of creation
the spark of an idea
the outline of a design
it is the desire that stokes our passions
making us strive to go further
this eternal fire
feeds out dreams
and puts a glint in our eye 
it is the energy
that ignites our creativity
it fills the land
it shapes and gives life to the
medium being crafted
every creation is imbued with the being that created it
as if the
medium is breathing in the spirit of the craftsman
ism't that the most beautiful way
of leaving a trace of our existence
of our time on this earth
to create is the
is the only way to traverse time
to wander through the ages
the only way to become immortal
become immortal
to become infinite
if this light goes out we die

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