Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ringing in the Carrot

Original art created by Judith Parsons- especially for this blog!
Ringing in the Carrot

I admit- I first wrote: Ringing in the “impossible” miracles.

Have ever- as I wrote- as all the incredible occurrence’s of the past 3 weeks transpired… will see….

The past 3 weeks  I have spent beside a Reiki master who kept surprising me with incredible happenings. Synchronicity moments kept occurring-- that left me believing in the “impossible” becoming possible.

Ask and it shall be given.

Just do it. Ask!

Asking for what you desire is crucial- because it makes you ASSESS (I just noticed that the word in all caps- has “ass” in the front of it…laughing- dear Lord- bear with me) what and where you are. If you don’t have a goal…you will never get there.

Simple- yes! Incredibly daunting- YES!!!

Write it out- make a list! I have a friend who loves to make list! (waving) You know who you are! Thank you for telling me to make list. It finally sunk into me…I am better for it. (grinning)

Sorry I lost track- I do that- branches of conversations all over the place…Back to becoming what you desire.

You will be surprised by what happens. Be careful what you ask for. Because the universe- God- Life- will give you so many choices that you are stumbling over the possibilities!

That is the point of life- to give you so many options that you need to focus upon which options truly satisfies your deepest wanting.

NOW is a good time to ask. The full moon is ripe and ready for your intentions. PLEASE ask – as you pray- as you meditate. As you simply focus on becoming you.  As you stand out under the full moon. What do you really want?

You see- I am doing what I really want. And I have to trust in that. I am LEARNING to become a better artist. I am becoming the sculptress that I have always wanted to be!

I know- I could fly over here and there and get a “job”. But –really- is that my CORE purpose NOW? My purpose now- is to become the best artist I can become.

It requires dedication and time. LOTS and lots of time crating art- perfecting my craft!

One last thing:
You see- While my Reiki master was walking the streets of San Francisco with me- she suggested we go watch the ice skaters. And lo and behold- we met a woman looking for a mature person to work beside her- she was posting a job at her college.

I was stunned. I am updating my resume now- to send to this beautiful new friend- who sparked me on.-All because Anita (waving) suggested we go see the ice skaters.

Honestly- I am struggling with the choice- money is a strong pull! Good God- money sways its golden carrot in front of me- and I have to decide…. Can I balance working and art?
In fact now as I write this –I see the golden carrot- in all the future pieces of art…I see this little golden carrot integrated in the next series of sculptures!

Well- well- well…Amazing huh? How I start out asking you to ask for your deepest desires…then this little golden carrot shows up…hmmm…(grinning) Pulling you into my arms for a huge swaying hug!!!

God knows life is grand!

I trust in God. I trust in the great unknown. I trust in all of us becoming who and what we desire most to be.

I love you!


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